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  1. LetsGetIt1220


    Jesse For the win!
  2. HAha yeah Hoping to use it in photos for an upcoming case mod I am hoping to finish soon
  3. Got a bit bored today and finally decided to try out the vinyl I bought some months back! Please pardon the dirty/dusty.oily keys as I have been using this keyboard daily for awhile and couldn't be bothered to clean it first. This is the first time I have ever used vinyl as well so was quite the learning experience! quite happy with the result myself, though.
  4. Dave deserves a win for a couple of simple reasons! Orange and white and I've met him before. GGWP Dave you win!
  5. Just finished up the photoshoot for the POSEIDON Z with Brown Switches I will be reviewing soon and thought I would share some of them with you
  6. Was truly amazing, shame my photography isn't that great
  7. Going with the man, the myth, the hairy cuddly bear..... Dave Alcock!
  8. Was nice to meet you as well Martin! Look forward to seeing you again next time
  9. I was lucky enough to attend I55 here in the UK a couple of weekends ago and managed to get some pics of the Thermaltake boot so thought I would share! Enjoy!
  10. I am happy to announce I will be at i55 on Saturday so hopefully I'll be able to get a few photos of this Looks amazing!
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