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  1. My Vote goes to (Greece) George Antonopoulos a massive Congrats on the amazing work and great detail, also a very spectacular contribution from all Ram Modders, great work. Good luck to all in the contest.
  2. Massive Congrats to all modders 👏 well done for the amazing effort, but a special congratulations to the winner Maulik Patel 🥇🎊👍
  3. My Vote goes for Mike Petereyns but best of luck to all modders 👏👌
  4. Wishing all modders the best of luck, awesome creations btw, But that TMNT mod won my vote.
  5. My vote for nomination is for Dave Alcock for 2017 CaseMod Invitational Season 1
  6. I've voted for Stefan Ulrich (Germany) that Dalek Mod looks absolutely amazing, But Good Luck to all Modders. They all look awesome.
  7. My vote is for Stuart Tonx, Good luck to the other 2 Mods.
  8. Amazing looking mods, Congrats to all 3 winners, especially JP that is one wicked looking mod.
  9. Congrats to all 3 Winners, and to the rest of the modders, Amazing looking mods, but that is one wicked looking mod Jesse Palacio.
  10. I Nominate Dave Alcock aka Divido Labido for the next CaseMod invitational.
  11. Good luck modders & thanks Thermaltake for the chance to win. My vote is for Dave Alcock.
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