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  1. I'm going to order it probably this Friday, will be a week or two before I get a pic, but I will once I have it installed.
  2. Positive air pressure + dust filters = almost no dust problem, (almost). For me, it's never being satisfied with cord management.
  3. I'll start this one. Valentines Day, 2014. Was having an intermittent issue where my PC (retail purchased) would shut down and restart only when I was using my web browser, was diagnosing that thing for days on end. Got up from my chair and walked away, made it 10 feet when I heard a loud electrical SNAP!! Spun around and saw both my monitors go dark. Paused, then that burnt electronics smell hit me. I think the neighbors heard me yell "Are you effing KIDDING me?!?!?" Power supply fried the mother board. Was so mad I tore that thing apart like a tornado. Which led me to my current build.
  4. Current project is just going to evolve for a while, but my next one will be a custom built desk with a glass top and everything in the desk under the glass, no case. Won't start that until probably mid 2016 though.
  5. I agree, hoodies / T-shirts, and a 3 foot by 5 foot flag, I've seen them online in fan posts, but can't find them, basically all the stuff you see / give away at places like Computex, and the PC events on the west coast USA that people like myself (east coast) can't get to. But most of all, a FAN CONTROLLER that can compete against the likes of Lamptron, AND a mouse pad wrist rest compatible with the length of the DRACONEM. I would also say custom liquid cooling options, but I know you're working on those. Possibly a few more "flagship" items? Like some top end headphones (that go against the likes of Seinnheiser / Bose), or some top end PC speakers? And I mean audiophile quality, something that will #### off the neighbors, but still have them admit "#### that's nice tho....". I know stuff like that is expensive and the market is limited. Is there any reason why Tt hasn't made RAM or motherboards? Market over-saturation maybe? I also have the ASUS Front Base dual bay panel, and I love it. Something like that would be awesome too. AND I STILL WANT TO BUY A TT GUY!!
  6. Avedis53 - I havent purchased it yet, will within the next two weeks. It attaches via a velcro strip, and is only 3.54 inches, so I'm thinking on the top of my card reader, or on top of the cd player, somewhere in the 5.25 bay area or the 3.5 bay area, so you can't see it through the window, and it would make it easy to route the wires behind the back plate of the case with the openings to the left of the 5.25 bays. I'll take a few pics once I have it installed and post them. My only issue is finding a USB header to attach it to on my MB, going to have to disconnect something to plug it in and re-route it, but I'm sure I'll figure that out.
  7. Working on it, few more things I wish to buy in the next two weeks, then I'll post one.
  8. My first thought would be to shut everything down and 2x check all physical connections to the MB, re-seat everything, then uninstall the software, restart, re-install the software from the Tt website. Maybe you have a loose connection?
  9. Would this help? I have the same issue where I have a card reader I can't install yet, as well as the front USB ports, this is solving my issue. And, it won't take up a PCI slot, I couldn't find a PCI card with INTERNAL headers anywhere. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10198/usb-07/NZXT_IU01_Internal_USB_Expansion_Power_Supplement_Board.html?id=czsvQ7zr&mv_pc=199#blank Currently out of stock, but it was in stock about a week ago, they should get more in. EDIT - Can purchase direct from NZXT, and they do have it in stock, $19.99 w/ $4.99 US shipping. https://store.nzxt.com/products/iu01-usb-expansion
  10. All Sata is backwards compatible, so it should. Check the back of the drive on your Sata 3, there might be jumpers there you'll have to place in order to force the drive to run at Sata 1 speeds. Also make sure the BIOS is updated.
  11. Hey Mike, have a date yet on when the Team DK one will be available?
  12. I would love to see a custom liquid cooled job with that titanium case, I didn't think it could be done because of the separate compartments. Maybe an external mounted cylinder reservoir , and some creative drilling....where to put the rads though....hmmmmmm.
  13. Gonna be a while on that DRACONEM, car inspection + mortgage = no new mousepad.... (I would be open to writing a review about it with my Level 10 mouse though ....) With the gold and exp weekend with Diablo 3, I've been giving this thing a most serious workout, and I'm very impresed, been at it for hours and my hand isn't cramping at all, still haven't found that sweet spot with the axis, but I'm sure I will. And I still don't know why some are complaining about that DPI switch, I haven't accidentily hit that thing once, and I've been using the middle "back" button quite a lot, so it's not like I've been keeping my thumb away from the sides. Ears don't hurt either with those Level 10 headphones (more impressed with those than I thought I'd be, to be honest, those things are really good). Ugh, I have to eat. Food, Diablo 3, sleep. Well....nah, I don't need to sleep.
  14. HappyBuddhaman


    Try this link at the bottom of the page - I love Tt, but man, sometimes they do hide their drivers. http://www.ttesports.com/productPage.aspx?p=149&g=ftr#.VFavhcnjuik
  15. Custom built 8 foot desk, total glass top, all components in the desk. Thin white translucent Dupont Corian sides with LED for illumination. Z99 MB, 32 GB RAM, custom cooled with acrylic tubing and 3 Frozen Q T-Virus cylinders. Tri-SLI with tri-monitor setup (whatever I could get that would run tri-monitors in 4K). A sound system that would rattle the poodle next door, studio headphones that'll probably cost 4 figures. 256 GB SSD boot drive. 2, 2 TB SSD RAID drives with 2, 2 TB SSD RAID NAS backup. I'dl figure out the smaller stuff like the KB / Mouse later.
  16. This thing has to be upwards of 40 pounds or more. I was going to take it into work, tweak and OC it (I have some downtime), but changed my mind. Staying right where it is.
  17. +100% bonus to gold find and exp all weekend on Diablo 3. Know what my wife and I are doing all weekend!!
  18. Bought a low end PSU once, had coil whine something fierce. Ugh, something things you just spend the extra money on.
  19. Eh......yes, but it can also corrupt the brand. There are plenty of brands out there that make a good product, and overcharge you out the wah-zoo for them *cough cough CORSAIR*. Case in point - How many people buy the Dominator Platinum RAM, because of the brand, when G.SKILL Trident X is an outstanding RAM, speed and timings identical, and costs 1/3 less? I'm not trying to bash any brand, but, quality comes first, brand comes later. I know I favor Tt products, and there are multiple reasons for that, and most of my build is done by Tt, but, honestly, not all. Tt will be one of the first companies I look at when researching a product for purchase, but I won't buy something just because it says Tt on it.
  20. The Blacks on mine are great, noise doesn't bother me, and illumination is a MUST, but last on the list. 1 - Quality 2 - Features 3 - Switch type 4 - Illumination I'll probably never go back to membrane. Now if we can just get all that, with a PS/2 connection instead of a USB.
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