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  1. The Blacks on mine are great, noise doesn't bother me, and illumination is a MUST, but last on the list. 1 - Quality 2 - Features 3 - Switch type 4 - Illumination I'll probably never go back to membrane. Now if we can just get all that, with a PS/2 connection instead of a USB.
  2. I thought this had black switches. Least the one I bought says it has black switches.... Anyway, this thing is built like a tank. The illumination is great, and adjustable, I can now play game, type, whatever without a light on in my office to see my keyboard. Having on board audio controls is a major plus, I'm surprised more planks don't offer that, it's so much better than having to open your music player and control it via mouse. Need to retrain my fingers from what I use at work, I keep hitting the Caps Lock, so every now and then I staRT TYPING LIKE THIS. And the right shift key is
  3. I love this thing, got it in red. Heard SO many complaints about the DPI switch, and yes, this mouse will take some getting used to, but after you train yourself a little on it, it's amazing. My thumb never hits the DPI switch accidentally, but I do find myself changing the DPI to suit whatever I'm doing. My mother in law was looking at my build the other day, looked at my mouse and said "wow, that's an awesome model car". She knows I'm a big NASCAR fan, looked at the mouse and thought it was a model NASCAR......no mom, that's a mouse. Do NOT use this mouse with a fabric mouse pad, it suc
  4. After reading a lot of reviews about a lot of different headsets, I decided to get these in black. I heard a lot of complaints about the base level, I don't know, maybe people wanted artificial base, or wanted to blow their eardrums out listening to EDM at some nuclear level, (nothing wrong with EDM) but I'm really enjoying these. If paired with a good sound card or good quality on board audio (I'm using mine with the ASUS Formula VII MB, which has AMAZING on-board audio), they sound pretty #### good. They are very flat, which I really appreciate, because I can control the sound easier than
  5. I haven't played it, but from what I've seen, IMO, it looks like it should be an add-on for BF4, not a new game entirely.
  6. I'm the guy with the Pledge Wipes, cotton swabs, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, especially for my keyboard! I'm neurotic with keeping it clean. Keep positive air pressure in your case and it will cut down on dust collection.
  7. I'm ordering this via Amazon tomorrow. Can't stand fabric mouse pads.
  8. Honestly, a CD drive, I only have one in mine now because I had some CD media to install, after that, it's useless. I'm going to rip it out and keep an external drive for the few times I'll need one. Might put this in instead when I do a total liquid cooling loop, since I'll have a dual bay available. http://www.frozenqshop.com/lf-reaction-dual-bay-reservoir/ Everything is digital, games, music, movies, occaisionally I'll buy a hard to find a music CD, and hook up an external CD drive to rip it, or burn a copy of some downloaded music but that's about it.
  9. Ghost in the Shell / Akira. I wish I could find more like those, any suggestions?
  10. Figured this one out. I think there is a conflict with the Water 3.0 software and the software on the ASUS Formula VII MB. The Water 3.0 software over rides the fan controller on the MB. Everything is now working perfectly, I just control the CPU fans via the Thermnaltake software, and the others via the MB. Ran Prime95 for a little over an hour the other day, CPU maxed out at 75, and even then didn't stay there long. Thanks!
  11. I have a 5 foot desk, need a 8 footer when I add a third monitor. Desk room definitely .
  12. Graphics card? No. Always wondering if you should wait for that next platform (X99, DDR4, etc) is always the hardest part.
  13. Thanks Andy. Still having an issue and I can't confirm what component is the troublemaker. Posted it here ----> http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/751-water-30-extreme-formula-vii-rog-front-base-issue/#entry4235
  14. I have the headset and the wired mouse. Mouse takes a little getting used to, but I love them both, headset is very comfortable for long usage.
  15. Hey guys, I have a Formula VII MB, the Water 3.0 Extreme, and the ROG Front Base. The Water 3.0 Extreme is plugged into the CPU_FAN pins on the MB, using 120mm Enermax fans. Everything works fine, mechanically, but everytime I boot from a cold start, I get a POST beep indicating a hardware failure, and the screen says I have a CPU fan error. The MB and the ROG Front base will not read the RPM speed of the fans, however, the fans run and the CPU stays around the low to mid 30's while idle or doing common things, internet surfing, etc. CPU temp went up to about 45 / 52 while playing Diablo 3
  16. The 650ti isn't SLI compatible, so next year I get two cards, probably two GXT 980's, unless something newer comes out.
  17. Some shots of the finished product. Next year I'm going to ditch the 650ti and get a dual SLI setup, tyhen I'm going to set up a custom liquid cooling loop, hopefully Thermaltake will have all their custom pieces available by then. Running a 128 GB SSD boot drive, with 2, 1 TB HDD's in a RAID 0. I have 2 spare 1 HDD's that I'm going to put into a diskless NAS as a backup. User profiles are moved to the RAID also. And the DRACONEM mousepad will be arriving next month.
  18. Yeah....you don't want to see the mess that's behind that side panel....almost had to sit on that like a suitcase to close it up.
  19. Toss in a couple more fans, mount the MB, backplate, PSU, and GPU. Hate that front power on the vid card, I'll change that out soon.
  20. I do love Thermaltake products, but the Water 3.0 Extreme was crazy to install. And unless you learn that the back mount plate will not sit parellel on the back of the MB, as pictured, you will go crazy. Sure does keep my processor cool!!
  21. Finally finished( for now) Started here.
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