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  1. Hey etzio5, pretty much what Alex said above. If that doesn't solve the issue, please let us know.
  2. The VOLOS max delay time is 10 seconds, aka 10,000 ms.
  3. Hey osxuser, Something seems amiss. Can you Private Message me the serial number of your keyboard? It can be found on the back-plate, it's the really long string that should also start with 'kb-piz', printed on the sticker.
  4. Hey osxuser, Please goto the system settings area of OSX, and then keyboard settings, where you should be able to select the keyboard type. The choice should be JIS, ISO, and ANSI. Please choose ANSI. An improper setting would cause some of the keys to not respond, or output the wrong text.
  5. Play3r.net next looks at our POSEIDON Z mechanical blue switch keyboard after reviewing our VENTUS mouse. We're happy to see they also loved the POSEIDON Z with Tt eSPORTS certified mechanical blue switches, pretty much as much as they loved the VENTUS~ since the POSEIDON Z also ended up with the same rating! 4.7/5 and the same three awards (Editor's Choice, Gold Award, and Value award) Here's an excerpt from their review, talking about the value aspect & the world's first 5 year warranty on a gaming keyboard. Play3r also compares the key spacing to some of the other choices on the market, as well as the feel of the Tt certified switches vs the Cherry MX switches they're used to; And preferred the Tt certified option. Head on over to read the full review here: http://www.play3r.net/reviews/peripherals/tt-poseidon-z-keyboard-review/
  6. NikkTech recently reviewed our newly released VERTO headset, and gave it their highly recommended award. The VERTO headset offers strong styling paired with comfort. The dual-headband design is auto adjusting to get the right sizing for anyone who wears it, and protein leather ear pads maintain comfort even over long hours of use. The bold geometric design is strong enough for gaming yet sophisticated enough for in-office use. The sound is amazing, but you can take the reviewer's words for that. Here's some of the Pro's and Con's they mentioned. Head on over to read the full review here: http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/headsets/4128-tt-esports-verto-gaming-headset-review
  7. I'll ask the team, and get back to you with a reply.
  8. Dear metalsiege, Something is very wrong there. Please register for an account and submit a ticket to support @ http://my.ttesports.com/
  9. Good news, a shipment got processed so Amazon has fresh stock now. http://www.amazon.com/s/keywords=tt+esports+metalcaps
  10. Dear Zigzar, unfortunately that is the max delay we can have right now.
  11. Sorry bout that, but we're a bit low on stock at the moment. People are diggin' the keycaps.
  12. Alternatively, the accompanying product page for the BLACK Element mouse is also a great place to check, as it also includes the related downloads. http://ttesports.com/Mouse/16/BLACK_element/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr
  13. Hi Zigzar, it seems that's the current limitation in the software. We'll discuss with the keyboard team, to see what can be done.
  14. Hi Triumpalism, it's pretty much as Martin's post says. Brightness adjustment is done by pressing the Function Key (Fn key) and F11 / F12 The media keys are used by pressing the Function Key (Fn key) and the F1 - F7 keys. If your F1 - F7, F11 and F12 keys function as normal for their normally intended functions, but when attempting to use as media keys / brightness adjustment & nothing happens - then the Function key may be defective.
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