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  1. Hi, Check in the software again, they are all different and can be confusing getting started, I had the same issue. I think once you figure it out, you will get it all to SYNC up with the MB, check the manual and all that to make sure everything is setup correctly.
  2. Hi, When using a sleep state that drops the voltage really low, any device that is connected to say the USB header can loose connectivity when going into sleep/hibernate. Only way to resolve this is to close and reopen the software to have it re-detect the components connected. Suggest to not use sleep mode, just turn your PC off.
  3. Contact our support and we can try to help: https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. Hi, First want to say, running 3 rads like this is a weird configuration. Second, you can fit in 480's on the case, but it is going to HIGHLY depend on the radiator thickness and your fan configuration. It would be close, ports would have to be opposite of each other on the rads, but again it will be close, but possible.
  5. Hi, Make sure you have the 12V LED header connected not the 5V one. In mystic light on your PC, make sure you have selected the correct port to change the color on, you have to manually select it from what i have worked with on MSI, its all over the place unfortunately, but look at the port label on the MB directly to compare to the software port. Make sure the cable is connect to the controller for the SYNC side of things as well as a few tips off top of my head.
  6. Hi, I just tested the DPS G app on my iphone x right now running iOS version 11.4.1 and it loads without issue. Suggest to update your iOS to the latest and/or reinstall the app and see if that resolves it.
  7. Hi, It is kind of big on 1080P compared to 2k/4k resolutions, but I get what you are saying. We are working on a new UI as well to help with more options like this. Still down the road, but will be a free update once ready. - just to give you some incite on what we are doing to improve. I noticed your icons at the bottom of the screenshot too, have you tried adjusting the "Scale and layout" options in display settings? does it help?
  8. Hi, Your motherboard should offer different options for Sleep mode in the bios, check it out and see if any adjustment will make it easier for you is all I can say, different MB do different options. it might not work, but worth a shot. This issue you mention is with everything that connects to that USB header, once its power drops (Sleep Mode) it will loose connection. Nothing we can do about this, have no control, it is user preference and how the MB is designed. We cannot work around it, it is a limitation and you will have the same issues with others that have similar functions as well. The settings will save to the controller, but will still need the software and windows to activate, this is why on boot it will default until it gets into windows. limitation with windows to support the new features/modes.
  9. Can you help with System specs? What OS? is it all updated? Try to completely remove the Microsoft Visual C++ file, reboot and do a fresh install with 1.2.1 Does the controller have a "DOT" on the bottom of it by the dip switch?
  10. Part number will verify which fans you have, we have several "Riing Fans" Do you have these? - http://thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00003016/Riing_Plus_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_TT_Premium_Edition_3_Fan_Pack_/design.htm Part number is on the box Example: CL-F0XX-PL12SW-A
  11. Hello, I have our team checking out the issue you reports about the software, I have not been able to recreate it here. Have you tried going back to an older version like 1.1.7? How does that work for you if it does? - Trying to narrow down where the issue is. Windows 10 x64? - you have ALL windows updated??? - just trying to think of ideas, you need some critical updates for it to work on a fresh install. Try reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ file? How many you have installed? - Would like to compare to one of my test systems. You cannot reinstall the Visual C++ you have to remove it, reboot and then do a fresh install of the Riing Plus software. Keep us posted, we are checking here as well.
  12. Hi, ASUS as well as others have different versions of their RGB LED stuff, 12v and 5v options. onloy the new new boards have 5v from what I have seen on the compatibility list we have on our website for the TT SYNC Controller. For the controllers, try 1 at a time, see if one like fried??? not sure what to say.. but process of elimination would be best way to go. If you reinstalled the software and it still not working, make sure you dont have anything blocking the program from launching maybe?
  13. Hi, Gotcha, yea cards can have both or one or the other. If the GPU has a AIO cooler attached, the P5 might not be the best option, i don't think it will reach. You would be better off with Core P3 for the smaller size and shorter tube length, just depends on what you also want to do for CPU cooling. Might even want to consider a more traditional style case like View 31 or even View 71 to accommodate more radiator mounting options for multiple components. I have seen people use 2 separate radiators on the P5, but i dont recommend it.
  14. Hi, What fans do you have exactly? Part number? RYZEN made the change, it messed everything up for a lot of manufactures... We had to make a new controller to fix our side due to this, you would need that, but it looks like you already got it. What version of the software are you running? 1.2.1 is the latest.
  15. Hi, Software will loose function due to you putting the PC to sleep, voltage drops too low. You have to relaunch the software on resume to get it to detect again. Dont use sleep mode or change your sleep state so the power does not drop as low, effects everyone The software requires windows to function with the features built in, has too.
  16. Hi, What riing fans do you actually have? Are they the same as the ones that came with the Floe AIO? - part number would really help. IF it worked, then reboot, something happened. OS change or something, do a reinstall of the software to start? Dont need to run in admin mode for it to work FYI, should just work. Latest version is 1.2.1, make sure you are using that. IF you want to control the fans through your motherboard, you would need the TT SYNC controller - http://thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Cooling_Accessory_/Fan_Controller_/C_00003143/TT_Sync_Controller_TT_Premium_Edition/design.htm Your MB first needs to support 5V RGB LED headers and have Thermaltake Plus Family products that support. All info is on our website for the SYNC stuff.
  17. Hi, You will need this - http://thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Cooling_Accessory_/Fan_Controller_/C_00003143/TT_Sync_Controller_TT_Premium_Edition/design.htm AND you need a motherboard with a 5V RGB LED Header out as well as some of our "Plus Family" Fans/Cooling accessories that we offer that connect to the sync controller. All info on our website.
  18. Hi, unfortunately we do not offer this, you can purchase and figure out on your own or ask someone else that has one to do it. We do not recommend to take it apart as it will void the warranty.
  19. sounds like a file got corrupt, not really sure how I could help on the forums much on this, could be a lot of things. Do a clean install of the software, roll back to best config from windows or just do a fresh install.
  20. Hi, Suggest to contact EK about any concerns with mounting their products. For the Core P5 you have 2 options to mount the GPU (Horizontal/Vertical) - if you go vertical you would also need to purchase a Riser cable. Not really sure what you are asking here, the GPU will plug directly into your motherboard or to the vertical riser cable that then connects to the MB as well. I don't have any measurement to answer your question, how the gpu will connect to the cooling is really up to you
  21. Hi, Did you get a new monitor? The software is based on your resolution and does not have a resize option. Since version 1.1.6 we updated for 4K resolutions, latest version now is 1.2.1, make sure you got that, should be good. - sorry I cant see the version in your screenshot to know what you using atm. If you still having an issue with the new version, let us know some system specs, resolutions and stuff like that and we can try to help. Do a clean install of the software to see if that helps, manually delete the folder in C: after uninstall from Control panel.
  22. Hi, Hmm, not sure on that, you might want to check your connections first. PSU is separate connection, not the same as the fans. Both would be required to be connected. Are you using a hub or splitter? that could be why as a guess. AS for the fans and the #4 not showing up, check each fan to make sure it works by swapping ports. See if any other fan works in that #4, it could be a dead port.
  23. Thanks for the help! The TT SYNC Controller is seperate, does not include fans, works with Riing Plus, Pure plus and anything else "Plus" but that's it. If you want to use the TT SYNC controller, make sure you have a 5V RGB LED header, not a 12V one. it only works with 5V because it is addressable LED so take note before you purchase. Fans included with the View 71 are not plus fans as they are just the 12V ones, not the 5V.
  24. Hi, The View 32 includes Riing RGB analog fans, there is a compatibility section on our website with the case to break it down. The TT RGB Plus Software works with the digital fans which are different, so the controller is not related to the software, it is for the push button on the case. If you want fans that will either sync with MB or use software, you will have to upgrade the fans. The case would have cost more if those fans where included due to the features they offer.
  25. Hi, We do offer singles, but not globally, it really all depends on the region and what they want to offer. All I could suggest is to contact our regional office in your area to see what options you can get. Most of this forum is USA based for support. https://www.thermaltakecorp.com/content.aspx?cid=5
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