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  1. I mean the section bellow the motherboard. As I'm going crazy and modding space for 4 rads down there, but havent found any clear numbers on that part of the case yet. Also, I dont need more then 1 ODD, and that is for my fan controller. Will get an external dvd case, for the few times I need it.
  2. Sure. My current though is 64mm rad + 38mm fan or 102mm total. Also, while you are at it, can you measure the bottom bay, both width and height?
  3. No problem, I have been working out that problem for my X9 build, so its nice to share it.
  4. CPU cooler height limitation: 230mm So highest part on the motherboard - total height = space available for radiators and fans. The GPU is most likely the highest part, so measure it (dont forget to add cable space) and you will be able to tell how much space you got left.
  5. Chiobe

    Goat - Core V1

    I cant see anything else, so will just say nice paint job.
  6. Dont mather now, tracked down a more powerfull 12mm wide fan.
  7. I would do a quick search on my cpu to figure out what safe voltage others are overclocking with. That will tell me the limits on both voltage and speed.
  8. Chiobe

    Core X9

    That will really help, so I can be 100% sure that my math is right.
  9. That is most likely do to wrong voltage. I had the same problem on my CPU, could not break the 4ghz limit before upping the voltage.
  10. Chiobe

    Core X9

    So I have managed to find all the parts for this build (No sponsors): Case - Thermaltake Core X9 Water Cooling: 4x RAD: EK-CoolStream PE 480 (4x120mm fans) (38mm thick) 2x RAD: EK-CoolStream RAD XTX 480 (4x120mm fans) (64mm thick) 2x PUMP: EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 140 (Laing pump PWM 4-pin) (Reservoir 140x60mm) 1x CPU: EK-Supremacy - Full Nickel 2x GPU: EK-FC970 GTX TF5 - Nickel (MSI TF5 nVidia GTX970) EK-FC970 GTX TF5 Backplate - Black Fans (on there way): 16x Scythe Slip Stream Slim (120x120x12mm) (2000 rpm) 8x Scythe Ultra Kaze (120x120x38mm) (3000rpm) Fan Controll: Lamptron FC5 V3 (6 Fan Channels (max. 30 W per channel) Hardware (from my current pc): MB: MSI X99S GAMING 9 AC, Socket-2011-3 CPU: Intel Core i7-5930K, Socket-LGA2011-3 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB PhysX MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB PhysX RAM: Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 16GB (4x4GB) Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 16GB (4x4GB) Storage: Crucial MX100 SSD 512GB 2,5" 7mm WD AV-GP 4TB PSU: Cooler Master V1000, 1000W PSU
  11. Chiobe

    Core X Series

    Okay, we got a bit more info on the layout of the Core X9: But still no info on max radiator thickness (like 80mm rad with 38mm fans on both sides), nor inside measurements (bottom bay and room infront of motherbord). I know I like to talk about extremes, but its Thermaltake that says that only the imagination is the limit. Also, no dealers have extra panels available, yet.
  12. When will these hit the market?
  13. The Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro comes with 2011 socket support, so that means in teori that you can get the socket mount from that and connect it to your 760i. They should at least be almost the same. But if you are modding the system to handling a different water block, so dont I think it mather that much what you use, as long as it fits the tubes.
  14. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2280930/corsair-h110-work-2011-socket.html "This thread suggests that the LGA 2011, and LGA 2011-3 socket are physically the same size where dimensions are concerned. I can presume since there's no significant changes in size, only functionality, that a cooler designed for LGA 2011 should fit just fine. If this were not the case you'd probably see a flood of LGA 2011-3 compatible coolers hit the market by now. The old 2011 socket CPUs didn't ship with stock coolers, so I can't imagine the new 2011-3 socket CPUs will either." So it should be possible to use a 2011 cooler on a 2011-3 cpu, as the difference is not in size but in the pins (if I understand right).
  15. There seems to be a few available on eBay, so might want to look there.
  16. Chiobe

    Core X Series

    So far so dont it seem like any of the places you can preorder the X9, carries extra panels, meaning it might take a while before we can swap them out. Also, it seem that the design team didnt fully account for extreme builds. In 1 case so can you use 3 of 6 480mm rad mounting points, if you stack 2 so can you use 5 of 12 480mm rad mounting points. Its the psu that is the most limitling factor, as its only 2 places you can put it and each blocks 2 480mm rad mounting points.
  17. Chiobe

    Core X9

    I have checked around, but it dont seem to be any full list of measurements. I can find the Dimensions 502 x 380 x 640 mm, but nothing on how much space there is in the lower bay, nor how big the motherbord tray is (so I know space infront of it). Depending on how much space there is, so might it be possible to fit 4x 480mm rads in the lower bay. I have to make new mounting points for the 2 on the bottom panel, but it only works if the mounting system for the side mounted 480mm rad, leaves enough room in the bottom. If I use a 38mm thick rad (cant seem to find thinner in my usual shops), so is there enough space for the rads, but a small conflict with the fans, depending on how stuff line up. 38mm rad + 25mm fan + 130mm wide rad + 130mm wide rad + 38mm rad + 25mm fan = 386mm So it only works if the side mounted rad can be mounted at least 39mm above the bottom panel, since that gives an extra 10mm to go on or I need to find a thinner model to use on the side. Then I only need to make some sort of system to mount my PSU ether on top of a rad, or next to the motherbord, plus maybe make a place to mount a few harddisk, since front will most likely have reservoirs, for easy access. So I really only need a drill and a few sheets of metal, but without more info, so is it hard to plan the build. Since I dont want to wait 2-4 weeks after I get my hands on the case, before starting the build.
  18. Chiobe

    Core X9

    I have seen very few builds that make use of the space infront of the motherbord. And as seen by the Brimstone build, so can you mount stuff there, just lack the bracets to do so. 1 or 2 metal bars with mounting points should allow hd case and psu to be mounted there, while still leaving room for air flow and reservoir.
  19. Chiobe

    Core X Series

    Its 2 panels with dust filters (top and 1 side) and 1 with window, but it seems you should be able to order more panels, so you can go all window or all dust filters. Just a shame that the hybrid one, from the BrimStone build, is not an option yet.
  20. Chiobe

    Core X9

    This project is scrapped, as the Core X9 didnt have as much space as I though. -- RIght now is there not enough info on none standard builds, like a mid mounted PSU and harddisks (for 4x 480mm rad build, 2 top, 1 each side). Or for that mather, a 6x 480mm rad setup. There is just enough space in the bottom for 4 rads: a 480mm rad have 130mm width, meaning there is 120mm space left in the width, which should be enough space for 2 rads with fans (it might be a few mm too little, but that is adjustable). But that means the PSU will have to be mounted else where, and there dont seem to be any place to do so. And there is also the total overkill 12x 480mm rad setup with 2 cases, which has simular type of problems, but it again comes down to mounting points and how much you can stuff inside the case (not to mention, where). So is there somewhere to get better info the on whats possible right out of the box? And what can be done (in terms of space available), if you do some modding?
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