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  1. Hello Everyone. This is the way. The Razor Crest Power Ram Modules and Cargo Carrier. These modules are key power dimms for the Razor Crests navigation, without it, Grogu and Mando would of been lost navigating the galaxy. These are the final pics of our Mandalorian Beskar Ram Modules and Cargo Carrier. Special thanks to Thermaltake and all my fellow modders who created these awesome projects for this fun and exciting competition. Full build video currently in edit and will be uploaded soon.. Stay tuned and thanks for voting.
  2. Its the final push to get Mandos cargo carrier completed, Today I completed most the construction and the electrical along with hand painting all the greebles and weathering the crate. Over the next few hours Ill also finish up the ram modules and get them seated into the mainboard. Final Pics and video coming soon.
  3. Hello Everyone, This is the Way! Were gonna get started by modifying a small pelican case, this will be the cargo carrier for the DIMMS Inside will be a interactive HUD display with motion graphics and sounds. I used several greebles to give the cargo case a more "Star Wars feel. Up next, Paint and texturing..Stay tuned!!
  4. Hello Everyone, This is the Way We are excited here at Blue Horse Studios to be a part of this fun and exciting challenge and I'd like to extend a very special thanks to Thermaltake for asking us to be included in the lineup of all these amazing and talented modders. Good luck everyone. We are going to modify these Tt Ram modules in to a Mandalorian themed Dimms, something that could be seen right out of the movie. We will also build a cargo carrier with a control panel HUD screen for these modules. Along with the photos, we will also create a short video narrative featuring step by step guides and surprises along the way. Stay tuned and thanks for voting.
  5. How has this build only gotten 3 votes..Its the top of the class in my opinion
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