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  1. Tt Andy

    Versa H23

    Hello Beware, The top part of the Versa H23 is actually a grill for passive heat evacuation, If you wanted to install a radiator on this case you will be able to install a 120mm radiator such as Water 3.0 Performer on the rear of the case. If you would like to install a 240mm radiator on the top we have a big selection of cases that can fulfill your needs such as our Core series and Versa H24, H25, H34, H35 Please let us know if you need any additional information
  2. I currently have them on my desk but i have a foam pad that my sub sits on, without it my desk shakes and when i game its quite annoying lol Honestly i would rather have my sub on the floor and satellites on the desk but due to space concerns i am unable to do that
  3. I must have looked at the wrong HP board, my bad. But after having looked at the board you linked, by the looks of things you shouldn't have a problem installing a cooler on that board
  4. Hi Steve, Please give the below number a call, sorry for any inconvenience USA / Canada : By Email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com By Phone: Toll-Free 800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM – 5:30PM (P.S.T)
  5. Well i think that most coolers should fit your board as the many motherboards actually have capacitors close to the socket just like yours Though one thing i'm more worried about would be your motherboard supporting your AM3+ CPU as i found online that your motherboard " M3970AM-HP" is a AM3 board
  6. Hello guys, Just wanted to let you all know that the new updated 2.0 of our DPSapp is out now! Click HERE to download Fore new and exciting features check out the thread below http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1095-thermaltake-dps-g-app20-smart-software/#entry6871
  7. Wow that's a pretty good card for that price, i'm also currently using the same architecture as you with the 280x's (Powercolor) its one crazy heater this card lol
  8. I just had a look at your current cooler and it seems like there are AMD and Intel mounting systems, when you said your AMD CPU is using Intel 1155 mounting system then in theory you should be able to place any 1155 cooler on.
  9. Hello Drat25, Welcome to the community, For the cooler,It really depends on how big your HP case is and how tall is the cooler support. Also are you looking for a air cooler or water?
  10. Hi Chiobe, Regards to the dimensions listed, for your convenience we actually measured the space you can work with taking out the front panel and the case feet so that must be why the numbers don't match up
  11. Wow its looking really good! i really like what you have done with the stripes and the star on the front
  12. Nice games, i like to switch my games around too or else i get bored too.. your right games these days is all grind grind grind Anyway seems like its going to be a great build, excited to see the result
  13. Hi DarkShine Looks like a pretty cool build! honestly i think your window is big enough and if you put on a few LED lights such as our Lumi series it will make the interior much brighter. Regarding cable management, i think you did a awesome job as your power supply is non-modular nor braided. In the future if you are ever looking to replace your power supply you can consider modular / semi modular PSU. Then you can use the connectors you need, and leave the rest out. Also, having a braided or black cables will also help hide the cables and make your build look a bit cleaner you can have a browse at our lineup of PSUs if you are interested
  14. No worries, these fans are designed for the perfect noise to pressure ratio so in the future if you feel your other fan is too loud you can try these
  15. Hello ericsadd Can you please try connect the dock to another PC, in order to determine if product still works, also please try and update your motherboards USB driver and let us know if it works
  16. Hello Bxsplicer, can you please give me your system info? In order to help we would nee the OS version HDD capacity / brand , u know all that good stuff Also did you buy it second hand or brand new? and did it happen suddenly?
  17. Tt Andy

    Core X9

    Wow Chiobe, it looks like its going to be a awesome build!! I cant wait to see the build progress, regarding the dimensions we will ask our engineers to provide detailed dimensions you are after
  18. Yes, Chiobe is completely right! but you need to be careful about voltage, if your adding just do it a little at a time. But first you need to see whats the maximum safe voltage for your CPU
  19. Sure, i will add it to the list you should see it up in within the next couple of weeks
  20. The fans will hit the market before the end of the first quarter, what region are you from?
  21. that's cool man, as long as it works well! your hardware should last longer too XD
  22. would love to see a carbon fiber V21, looking forward to seeing the complete build. What games will you be playing?
  23. Nice man, its a good card! did you do any overclocking?
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