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  1. Took a bit of work... for some reason It wouldnt let me bind it to the straight page up and page down buttons.. but I had to make the macro in program to hit page up and page down... then bind the macro to the keys... very strange... kinda lame... but at least it works thanks
  2. I figured out how to do that, I binded left click to one of the buttons on the right side, and it did work. So now it's just in game that it doesnt work, but I will try to bind the key to something else on my keyboard and then bind the in game macro to the keyboard key. Hopefully thatll be the work around in it.
  3. I have never had to bind the keys to a window action.. how would i got about doing this?
  4. Purchased Level 10 M Mouse, got home installed the cd, then switched out my old mouse and plugged this one in. Logged into world of warcraft, and start binding the side buttons to various skills.. The left buttons binded without a problem, but the right side wont bind at all... It doesnt even recognize im clicking the button in game to bind it.. SO after all the frustration of trying to mess around with it to get the right side buttons to work, i went to this website, and downloaded the newest drivers. But alas, after all that its still not working.... So here i am.. having no idea what to do.. the mouse is a great mouse, loving it besides the fact im missing out on half the extra buttons.. and I play Arena's in WoW, so it's kinda a big deal to have buttons hotkeyed... can someone please tell me wth i need to switch! Windows 7 x64 bit system Motherboard Asus Rampage IV extreme Rev1 thanks
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