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  1. Hi We are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience! Would you mind to contact our global customer service at cs2@thermaltake.com We will get back to you as soon as possible!
  2. Hi Keyfurrr according to ur description, i think the controller is defective, could you please provide ur contact info, i will pass it to our service center, thanks for your support.
  3. Hi there did you try the new version of SW, we fixed some compatibility issues. You can download it via our product webpage.
  4. i would suggest a 240 or 360 rad. also you can buy some 90 degree adapters
  5. Hi Pal9000 one USB port can only support 4 controllers, maybe you can try another port.
  6. Hi the whole design and structure of the previous version Riing RGB fan and Ttpremium version is totally different, internal layout of controller is different too, so these two version of RGB fans are not compatible.
  7. Hi Gil You can purchase the controller cable on Ttpremium online shop. www.ttpremium.com
  8. Hi Spin Q vt supports LGA115x, no LGA2011
  9. Hi You need a AIO bracket, you can check here : ttpremium.com
  10. Hi AmmerBo Sorry for any inconvenience caused, please leave your contact info, i will inform our customer service center to contact you, thank you.
  11. Hi Stefang7 based on our testing, our R360 kit can cool the 4770k and the VGA w/o OC, if you want OC it, i would suggest you adding rads, ex. 240mm or 360mm
  12. Hi Ttlapis Yes, water 3.0 performer C can fit LGA1151.
  13. Hi Spiryts due to the limited space of itx mobo, it might be a problem. Would you consider a AIO cooler?
  14. HI Danodude You can PM it to me. Thank you
  15. Hi Spiryts Yes, Frio silent 12 can fit V21. Thank you
  16. Hi Azzy5463 Riing RGB uses a 5pin connector, currently can not compatible with any bay fan control.
  17. Hi Pleox73 connecting 4 fans with 2 controllers, u will need a controler cable, which will be ready this month.
  18. Hi Danodude Apologize for the onconvenience this may caused you, please leave your contact info, i will infrom our service team for RMA instructions. Thank you
  19. Thanks to all you guys The cable wil be ready around W11
  20. Hi Pleox73 The controller is designed for 3 fans only.
  21. Hi BCfromVA it's about BIOS setting, the max pump rpm is actually the 1850rpm x 2
  22. Hi Darzael Yes, you can plug 120mm and 140mm RGB fan in the same controller.
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