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  1. skline00

    Core X Series

    Buying an X9 case for the equipment you list without custom watercooling seems like a waste of room. If you don't want to dabble into custom water cooling buy a smaller case.
  2. skline00

    Core X Series

    I took out the HDD cages and used their mounting brackets together to mount my third 480mm rad on the side.
  3. Sounds great! It's really a big case, a watercooler's dream at a reasonable price.
  4. 2 R9 290s (watercooled Sapphire Tri-Xs) with a 5960x @4.4Ghz with 3 480 rads all housed in the UBER Thermaltake Core X9
  5. ThermalMike, the Core X9 is a real "sleeper" for water coolers. Enormous capacity without overwhelming you.
  6. Can't wait to see what you do with that Core X9! I've got 2 XSPC RX480s up top and a EK 480PE to the right.
  7. skline00

    Core X Series

    Chiobe: I took your advice and redid my build last night. I mounted my EK Coolstream rad and fans on the 2 HDD brackets and then attached it to the right side of the case just as you had done. The tubing run is better. I also remounted the top 8 fans so all of the fan wires went to the middle I was able to use pair of 2 and had 4 fan controller wires to connect them. I was ablt to "hide the wiring" between the 2 rads. Once I get this picture posting issue figured out on this forum i'll post. Still not as "pretty" as your build but MUCH cleaner.
  8. skline00

    Core X Series

    ADMINISTRATOR: I need help creating an Album. It says I already have one? What's the easiest way to post the pictures I just took with my I Phone 6 plus?
  9. Nice job! I used two XSPC RX480s on the top with AP15 GT fans and mounted the EK Coolstream 480 PE on the right side looking at the front with the radiator mounted on the floor (used one of the HDD brackets. Since I'm using the XSPC Twin D5 Bay/Res with 2 D5s in series that I had used in another build I mounted it on the left front side with the supply flowing into the EK rad.
  10. I will when I "clean up" my wiring.
  11. Just an FYI for the Thermaltake Core X9 cube case. The Solid feet are OK but casters are much nicer. I measured the bottom space with the feet removed and you need a caster with a 1" x 1" metal mounting plate. This is NOT so easy to find but I did. Apollo Casters makes them and I spent @$18 for a set of 4. A lifesaver now that I have 3 480 radiators mounted in it! Hope this helps.
  12. skline00

    Core X Series

    Well, it's been awhile since I last posted and a lot happened. Sorry no pictures. I have to clean up the wiring etc before I show anyone. I have the Core X9 with the following: CPU: Intel 5960x OC to 4.4Ghz MB: Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme RAM: Corsair DDR4-2133 16G (4x4) HDD: Samsung 850 EVO 500g (OS); WD Black 500g (data); WD Black 2TB (data) VID: 2 Sapphire Tri-X OC R9 290s in CF PSU: PC Power and Cooling 1200W Silencer III Cooling: CPU - EK Supremecy EVO Acetal/copper block; GPUS - EK acetal/copper full blocks (gpu and vram cooling); Radiators - 2 - XSPC RX480 V3s and 1 EK Coolstream 480 PE (tons of coolings) Reservoir/pump - XSPC Twin D5 bay res with 2 Swiftech D5-655s running in series. Fans - 12 AP15 Gentle Typhoons mounted in push mode controlled by a 6 channel NZXT fan controller (2 fans per channel) OS: Win 8.1-64 I mounted the two RX480 rads to the top and mounted the single EK 480 rad horizontally on the right side of the case looking at from the front. I used one of the HDD mounting brackets and centered it and mounted the EK rad to it. On the left side from front to back I have the bay/res facing the left side and then the HDD cage holding the ssd and 2 HDDs followed by the PSU. It's a tight fit but works. I use only distilled water with a silver coil and two drops of biocide. The water flow is from the res/pumps to the EK 480 to the XSPC RX480s to the cpu then to the gpus and then back to the bay/res. This case is AMAZING. A water coolers dream.
  13. skline00

    Core X Series

    I agree that using the two brackets to mount the 3rd radiator horizontally makes the most sense. I will use the under motherboard tray for the boot ssd and use one of the 5 1/2" drive bays in the front for my HDD. I want to use my XSPC Acrylic bay res with a Swiftech D5-655-b installed and have PLENTY of room with both HDD cages removed.
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