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  1. <3 RGB. Really cool looking mouse pad!
  2. Just saw the video so i came here to say, it looks awesome, gj!
  3. What you are doing here is unique and it looks cool too. Keep up the good work!
  4. I vote for Jesse Palacio. If i can ask for a special booby-prize it would be the new Riing Silent 12 cpu cooler. But i wouldn't be sad with a new psu or water cooler either.
  5. I love what Ali Abbas is doing so i vote on him! That Piracy and Prophecy build just look awesome, and doing it with only handtool is plus 1. Thanks Thermaltake for asking our opinions and votes and for the great prizes! I would love to win your secret booby-prize, the new Riing Silent 12 cpu cooler.
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