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Everything posted by dO_ob

  1. i think i need a few of these for my chassis, currently there are too many unfiltered fans
  2. dO_ob

    Case Fans

    No problem, i'm currently using them too and they're great
  3. Love the look of these power supplies!
  4. dO_ob

    Case Fans

    Depending if you want ones with LED or non LED but i would strongly suggest Luna fans, they come with Anti vibration mounting and have awesome airflow http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Cooling/Case_Fan_/Luna/C_00002230/Luna_12_LED_White/design.htm
  5. the scores are crazy high!! Manuel Lopez with 91k just wow
  6. i shove it behind the motherboard also, as long as i cant see it through the window its fine
  7. Looks good, i really want to get one!
  8. maybe 2 times a year if lucky though i clean my dust filters every month
  9. unfortunately my rig is quite big so i have to leave it at home, i'm looking to build a itx build though for traveling
  10. LOL ####!! what crazy resolution is that!? Happy Halloween to you too
  11. awesome overseer mod
  12. Yes sometimes, just go for a high end card saves you upgrading in the future!
  13. If the cup holder has cooling functions for beer, take my money!!!
  14. Nice! but it will look better with water cooling
  15. Wow.... lol that thing is actually quite cool lol i found one on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Thermaltake-Xray-A2021-5-25-Drive-/141442517318?pt=Altre_Schede_per_PC_e_Server&hash=item20eea18946
  16. I tend to face my PSU downwards if there is a dust filter if not i guess facing up?
  17. Nice marcnaz !! Was their a drop in temps on your cards with the 200mm side exhaust fan?
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