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  1. เม้นแรก 😘 ถึง นน กระทุ่มแบน Great work !!! I like playing this game too. จากสุเชาว์ หนองจอก
  2. Completed !! TT TOUGH SPACE Discovery edition project I enjoyed trying something new and thank you. Thermaltake that gave a chance to participate in this competition Good luck to everyone ☺
  3. The final step is near the completion of the modram. I am very happy to have a day to rest before I post it. This step is another one of my new techniques, the fumigation of spacecraft jets. It is amazing, I am very pleased with my wife's willingness to do some research to do this.
  4. ☺ Thank you brother, your work is amazing, I love your refinement and creativity as well. I made 2 separate parts: the base and the spacecraft. 1. Section of the base, since I am not good at English, but the pictures tell a story. 2. The spaceship part, as I am not good at English, but the pictures tell a story.
  5. Modifying RAM I think the structural design of the Thermaltake. Beautiful in white and silver, it is so beautiful that it fits my concept.I stick to the principle of line cutting in two shades, black and gray, which is unique to NASA's discovery spaceship. Paint spray which was done by my wife. With that I want the pattern and lettering on the RAM stick I want in a simple but charming coolness. So I have been experimenting with something new in water-based sticker applications i have never been done before, and the results, with whatever experiment I see in the last picture, I am very satisfied with this work.
  6. The project will feature a Martian surface diorama with strange rock layers and unique Mars red-orange dust. By using clay and mortar that is used exclusively for the diorama model, the color has been brushed to achieve a more realistic shade of light and shadow.
  7. My next steps will be to print the spacecraft base range and prepare to disassemble, store, and assemble it for the future. I did this because it would be easy to paint different colors of the workpiece. Surface retention is considered difficult enough. as it has to cover up and buff it best that there are no streaks of the layers in 3d printing.
  8. I spent a lot of time making different anchors for easy painting and assembly. Together with separate parts for 3D printing. I'm going to draw some of the uniqueness of the lines. And I did a print test to test the placement of the PCB grooves and the spacecraft's sides to complement the lateral profile of the memory in the future. After that I took all the components together to see the printing, if there was a problem I would fix the 3D file before printing.
  9. I have laid out the 3D model for the launch pad and spacecraft to give a basic overview based on the design of the Toughram with the unique form of the white body and a T-shaped chevron.
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