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  1. wanted to share some pics of my new commander G42 case, took my rig to the office this Saturday for a deep clean, here are some sexy shoots, hope you like it! this is my favorite! Regards,
  2. mike you forgot our little friend!!! where is Tt dude there? Terrific work fella, terrific photos thanks for sharing such amazing work! Regards.
  3. well ... another rig done with my fearless helper!
  4. may ask the question still on push / pull fan configuration ? I have made a change on my water 3.0 Pro added 2 riing 12 blue led fans, y take out the "Y" spliter that came with the system and plugged the fans directly to a molex conecter, pretty nice settup temps still almost the same despite those riing led fans aren't better compared to the stock water 3.0 kit fans… {stock no led white led fans..} take o look: Regards,
  5. i wish thermaltake will done some day something like that here in costa rica
  6. Suchao Prowphong, that humble man may win, excellent mod, Nick Blackwell worst mod....
  7. i dont see the sense os SLI sometimes... i prefer so much 1 card.... strong enough for the battle!
  8. Gotta recognize that all versions of CS area amzing, i like CSGO because of the different options for playing, deathmatch, casual, demolition, weapon course and competitive, unfortunetely its one of the most hacked game and also several bugs on maps can make it a nightmare sometimes, i decided to still on casual and some deatmatch rounds, also another fact that likes me a lot are cases and weapons drop outs, more steam money for future games or DLC's... im collecting and giivin some time to old operation cases, someday they will worth a couple of dollars more...! Mario bros.... just amazing... but tell us your games, make a list, contribute and share..!
  9. Here is the list of all of those games that may take you back in the time … full of memories, lets share those good times! Peche's All time PC Games top 10: 1. Half-life 1: 1998. -- Both, campaign and multiplayer Death match 2. blue shift 2001 -- Campaign 3. Opposing forces - Death match or multiplayer 4. Farcy 1 5. Call of duty modern Warfare 1 / Call of duty Modern warfare 2 6. Call of duty black ops 1 7. Bio shock 1 8. Counter Strike Series, mostly CS:GO 9. 18 wheels of steel series [still playin seldom ] 10. PayDay All time Top 10 Console games: 1. Super mario world 3 2. Super mario Kart 64 [N64] 3. Agent 007 | Golden eye[N64] 4. Tony hawk's pro skater 2 [PS1] 5. killer instinct Gold [N64] 6. Mario sunshine [NCameCube] 7. twsited metal [PS3] 8. Mortal Kombat 9 [PS3] 9. boogerman {NES} 10. luigi's mansion [NGameCube]
  10. mustang mod.... insane .. keep the excellent work fella!
  11. I have used at least 50 TR2 power supplies in the last 5 five years, on my work rigs, on rigs that I have done for me then sold for no reason at all, and also builds for clients … TR2 is the bang for the budget…! pretty solid PSU's … excellent lifespam, cannot complain about them, also I'm currently using a 700W one…! take into the list for TR2 80+Gold a 600/700W will fit my needs!!! for sure!
  12. Water 3.0 Pro here, this unit keeps my delidded 3770 under 60C on heavy, heavy loads while gaming and under 50C whit stress tests.. pretty happy with the results, if I move on I will look for extreme or Ultimate, also Pacific custom WC is a possible option Regards,
  13. well… I was finishing my first mod on a generic case, not so much to tell, here is my fearless helper!! Tt dude is pushing me trough the next mod on my Commander MSii case, I'm looking forward to make a window on it! saving money for a dremel and more accessories, Regards,
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