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  1. I planned to mount the rad and pump to the chassis but I think I will make a Thermaltake RadBox instead . . . .have it be a really cool external unit. Laser cut acrylic with some cool designs. Off to draw it up!
  2. The theme of this project evolved and took on a life of it's own when I first posted the announcement on Facebook. My initial plan was to do some cool water-cooling showcased by adding windows to the Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium case. I did not want to modify the color of the case as the Titanium finish is the calling card of the case to set it apart from the other family members in the Level 10 group. My plan was (and is) to use projection mapping to modify the external appearance of the chassis in a dynamic manner. Facebook users noticed my case is numbered 007 - so they immediately demanded I theme the project based on James Bond. This lit my imagination on fire. Thus far I am planning on playing a medley of the credit introductions from the James Bond films on different facades of the case. I also plan to add some cool animationic features such as opening doors and panels powered by servos. One neat feature I also am planning is to mount the single NVIDIA 980s via a PCI-E ribbon so I will be visible in a window I am adding to the lower main compartment of the case. One user already did something similar - however I plan to have the window actually be the top of the GPU block.
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