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  1. Project : Emerald concept : I want a my project is looking elegant, valued and reinforced, so I think that "Emerald" is the answer to this project. Design :This case is adapt from the Thermertake VEIW 91. And i see the mirror of the case is interesting. and i bring it to main part of the case. All parts and Structure are newly build for this project. To be able to see all sides. Look Like the shining gems. Can looks at all points and look beautiful. All Parts Sustain each other If it missing one part . It will not be a perfect case.
  2. weight loss to be easy to move. 30Kg >>>> 0Kg
  3. hello world!!! My name is Pakawat Chaiboonma AKA EPIC. Many people see me as crazy man or a weirdo, wonder why? Because I like to be different! I don't like to play in the box or do things that are trendy, my imagination is much wilder than that.And that is why my works look different than other, some might be great some might be ok but hey, it's the beginning of new creations. Remember my name is EPIC and I'm different.
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