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    L3p got a reaction from Jos214demi in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Thanks a lot man!
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    L3p got a reaction from Eclecticos in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Lets kick off with the first big update

    Unpacking .. Awesome!

    The P5's

    480 Rads

    Plenty of pump power.



    Lots of fans.

    Cpu and Strix blocks

    Not sure yet if and how much I will use it, but a bending kit

    It will be a mixture of PETG and nickelplated brass

    All unpacked




    So shiny!

    The gaming gear! Off course needed to complete a desk.

    First steps, mounting the fans.

    And sleeving the pumps.

    Just trying to imagine myself how it would look.


    Sawing mounting rails for the desk

    Will be using regular shelve holders to mount the desk to the wall

    The idea

    More next time

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    L3p reacted to imcloud9 in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Stunning Build Peter I am rooting for you to win 
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    L3p got a reaction from eddiegm247 in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    I want to thank everyone for following this project!
    For me personally it was quite a challenge.
    First of all because of the available free time I had next to my job and family.
    But specially to create a 'Desk PC' below $400 of material. (2xP5 + tools + glass + mounting)
    All this with standard tools like a jigsaw, drill, ironsaw, file and sandpaper.
    So here's my contribution to the Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational 2016 Season 1

















    Finally I had 20 minutes to enjoy DOOM







    A huge thanks goes out to all followers, sponsors and off course Thermaltake for making all this possible!

    ps. Should I make a little video too?
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    L3p reacted to hein in VOTE   
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    L3p reacted to Kuikje197 in VOTE   
    Go peter
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    L3p reacted to ncmoud in VOTE   
    My vote goes to mr. Brands, he made a pretty amazing desk-based setup, I am jealous!
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    L3p reacted to Ollievssn in VOTE   
    Peter Brands, Have my vote!!
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    L3p reacted to Fraa in VOTE   
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    L3p reacted to Sarge in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Didn't know a gif counts as a video now  But still looks totally awesome! And like others I do agree white looks best!
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    L3p reacted to eddiegm247 in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Wow Incredible Job once again Peter Brands you most definitely have my vote Woot Mod On brother!!!
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    L3p reacted to Orel Hardy in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Hello ! C'est très classe ! Good Work !
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    L3p reacted to Mtb garret in VOTE   
    I vote Peter brands
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    L3p reacted to EJTJ3 in VOTE   
    Peter Brands Is AMAZING <3
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    L3p reacted to ApolloX in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    So cool build log.awsome
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    L3p reacted to Designs By IFR in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    Got some pictures today of the build all filled up and LED lights turned on. Unfortunately it is now midnight and i still need to add the watermarks to most of the photos so i will post these photos without LEDs turned on for now. 


    If you enjoy my build please vote for it using this link: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/49112-vote/my name is Corey Gregory You have a chance to win prizes just be voting.























    If you enjoy my build please vote for it using this link: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/49112-vote/my name is Corey Gregory You have a chance to win prizes just be voting.
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    L3p reacted to Tjeu in VOTE   
    Peter brands
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    L3p reacted to jojoharalds in VOTE   
    PETER BRANDS got my vote !!!!
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    L3p reacted to Jos214demi in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Wow! It looks good even in white! It even matches the chair mate! Fantastic! Love it!     
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    L3p got a reaction from eddiegm247 in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    First of all thanks for all the votes and nice messages, really appreciate it!   

    Because a lot of people seem to like white lighting too I made some extra photos.           I'm back to the promised video   
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    L3p reacted to homer dikitanan in VOTE   
    Peter Brands the man ... 
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    L3p reacted to rochrimir in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Awesome work!
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    L3p got a reaction from evillcholo in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Hi everyone!
    Let me first introduce myself
    I’m Peter Brands, 35 years young and from a little town in the middle of The Netherlands called Urk.
    I’m an electrician, and mostly active on trawlers, vessels and luxury yachts.
    I’ve been an online gamer and hardware enthusiast since 1995 where I got my online nick ‘L3p’ and started modding in 2009.
    Some might know me from my desk-pc builds ‘L3p D3sk’ and 'Cross Desk' or scratch build ‘L3pipe’.
    I have to admit I'm not really a competitive casemodder, more a passionate liquidcooling enthusiast.
    But with the Tt P5 and the idea I have as you can see in the banner I just couldn't resist

    Click here for the final photos!

    Intel Core i7-6700K
    Asus Maximus VIII Formula
    Asus Geforce GTX980 Strix (2x)
    Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 34" 100Hz
    Avexir Red Tesla 2666Mhz 16GB
    Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2
    Thermaltake Core P5 (2x)
    Thermaltake  DPS G RGB 1250W Ti
    Thermaltake Fully Liquidcooled

    Tt eSports Poseidon Z Keyboard
    Tt eSports Theron Plus Mouse
    Tt eSports Shock 3D Headset
    Tt eSports Dasher Mini 2016
    Tt eSports Battle Dragon Backpack
    Tt Luxa² Holder Solution E-One
    Speedseats Sport version White
    Goodluck to everyone and I hope you enjoy the buildlog!
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    L3p reacted to diablo13 in VOTE   
    peter brands i think there is no better idea to make a nice and cheap desk congratz peter
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    L3p reacted to nKwoel in VOTE   
    Vote for Peter Brand
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