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  1. They all look amazing - good job guys!
  2. Waiting for more updates to the build logs, but still voted for Jason Simm
  3. Need to see what Corey is going with this time around... but I don't think it'll disappoint
  4. Uhhh.. I'm not sure what I just watched - but my vote's with Alex Banks
  5. Shame you can only vote once.. I would vote for Calen Saddler, Ahmad Syafiq Hamman & Pakawat Chaiboonma if I could :)
  6. Atm my vote is with Calen Saddler - but what's the point in making a comment here, when you don't even send prizes out...
  7. Mmmmm so much tasty hardware And so many fittings! Can't wait to see what you've come up with Peter !
  8. Looks like it's going to be epic! Good luck
  9. I want to vote for more than 1.. but I guess that's not possible so my vote's on Jesse Palacio
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