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  1. then concider yourself lucky i had several annoying issues with my razor blackwidow ultimate over the years
  2. ok i did that and it tells me: optimal drivers already installed the driversoftware is already up-to-date HID-compliant mouse on my old win-xp pc as well as on this on before a certain point, the mouse was recongnized as a tte theron plus (and had different drivers then i think) at that point i had no trouble at all and the tte software recognized and allowed access to the mouse.
  3. ok i've done that. but the problem persists, windows mruns it with standard drivers and the tte software does not recognize it as a theron plus.... also there is still this problem that the mouse seems to stutter and feels very inaccurate and sometime the curser seems to randomly "jumps" a few pixels i read that win7 has some known issues with devices with an above average pollingrate and that this might at least be somehow responsible for the inaccuracy thing but all offered "solutions" require extensive #### around in components of windows that are best left untouched unless you know what you're doing (which in that case i don't) also they require usage of somewhat shady 3rd party tools i'd rather not install... is there maybe some way to simply get the theron plus drivers so i can try and manually tell windows to use those instead of the default ones?
  4. hi i have trouble with my theron+ mouse :'( for reasons i can't figure out my mouse started to behave "weird" (it felt somewhat jitterish and very imprecise as if it was skipping pixels or pointer acceleration was sometimes randomly enabled). my basic windows mouse settings as well as ingame settings (pointer speed at default 6, no pointer acceleration) checked out as they should but neither did windows recognize the mouse as a theron plus nor the tte theron plus software v1.2 (which they did before) i tried various usb ports, cycled through different profiles and polling rates via the buttons on the mouse and checked that the lockswitch was not engaged, but nothing seems to work -_-' my os is windows 7 professional sp1 (64bit) and i did not overclock my usb-ports i really hope you'll be able to help me cause i have no idea how to fix this
  5. after i took a few hours to configure it to suite my needs, made sepperate profiles for normal useage, sc2, heroes, etc and compressing the slowly geting used to process by doing more gaming than i normaly do in a week in a single day (did a 24h stream) it already feels way more comfortable ^^ oh good that yoou mention that about the app, i automatically assumed this google+ thing ment it was exclusive for google pohones or so. i'll definitely try it out and see if i can get it set up propperly and working ^^
  6. i don't like it . . . i f***ing love it! ;P even tho when switching mice it always kinda takes like forever to get used to the new mouse. (i'm fine in heroes of the storm but when i play StarCraft II it still feels odd to use another mouse after playing with my old one for almost 4 years. but it's only a matter of time to get used to it) unfortunately i have a samsung phone with bada so i can't use the mobile app features. or is it possible somehow?
  7. here are some photos (unfortunately still with my old mousepad) and an unboxing video (sry for the quality my phone's cam is shitty ^^) ps: thx a lot ♥
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