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  1. then concider yourself lucky i had several annoying issues with my razor blackwidow ultimate over the years
  2. after i took a few hours to configure it to suite my needs, made sepperate profiles for normal useage, sc2, heroes, etc and compressing the slowly geting used to process by doing more gaming than i normaly do in a week in a single day (did a 24h stream) it already feels way more comfortable ^^ oh good that yoou mention that about the app, i automatically assumed this google+ thing ment it was exclusive for google pohones or so. i'll definitely try it out and see if i can get it set up propperly and working ^^
  3. i don't like it . . . i f***ing love it! ;P even tho when switching mice it always kinda takes like forever to get used to the new mouse. (i'm fine in heroes of the storm but when i play StarCraft II it still feels odd to use another mouse after playing with my old one for almost 4 years. but it's only a matter of time to get used to it) unfortunately i have a samsung phone with bada so i can't use the mobile app features. or is it possible somehow?
  4. here are some photos (unfortunately still with my old mousepad) and an unboxing video (sry for the quality my phone's cam is shitty ^^) ps: thx a lot ♥
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