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  1. Welcome to our forum! Which Tt eSPORTS keyboard are you using? The driver software differs from version to version so there is no universal guide.
  2. Hello IceStormers, currently, we can not offer spare parts for sale in Europe yet. We are working on making additional parts available as soon as possible. The Core W100 and P100 will be ready for pickup and shipping at SCAN Computers by the end of this week.
  3. Tte Martin

    Core P5

    That's an extremely close call and I would not recommend it. However, we offer an optional bracket for AiO support. Here is the version that is coming to stores (made out of steel): http://www.thermaltake.com/Chassis/Accessories_/_/C_00002826/Core_P5_AIO_Bracket/design.htm This is a slightly different version that you can print yourself if you have access to a 3D printer: http://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/dwgallery.aspx?s=16
  4. Tte Martin

    Core P5

    Since E-ATX is using the same screwholes than ATX, you can mount an E-ATX board in the Core P5. However, the rubber grommets for the cable passthroughs might be partially covered by the board and not leave enough space for clean cable management. This can be circumvented by getting longer spacers between case and motherboard. Basically, anything is possible with the Core P5. It might just need a little craftmanship and thinking outside of the box (which is what the case was designed for).
  5. Hello Bruce, the AiO bracket will be available at SCAN (www.scan.co.uk) in the next 2-3 weeks. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print one yourself: http://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/dwgallery.aspx?s=16 We have no ETA on the Riing RGB sync cable yet, I'm afraid.
  6. You don't need the adapter. The TV mount seems to be quite flexible and in the specs is says "VESA compliant" (Supports all VESA patterns from 100 x100 to 400 x 400). You need to make sure your PC does not weigh over 80 pounds with this one (which should be difficult unless you load it with rocks) and you should be fine. For maximum stability, I'd suggest using the outer holes of the Core P5 (200x100).
  7. The mounting holes in the Core P5 follow the VESA standards 200/100/75 x 100/75. The tv mount you linked only seems to have vertical holes down to 200mm according to its specifications (although it looks like the holes are closer together than 200mm). If that's the case, you can only screw in two screws and that is probably not safe enough. Basically, you can use any VESA tv mount that supports the listed hole distances and the weight of your PC build.
  8. Since the radiators of the AiO coolers you listed only have 120mm, they fit pretty much anywhere in the Core V21. You have a slot in the front and rear and up to two on either side or the top. I'd say you have enough room and enough alternative options to definitely make it fit, even if one or two possible mounting positions are blocked by other components
  9. Hello beaksdale, sorry for the delay. We are looking into the issue and apologise for your inconvenience.
  10. This seems like a very uncommon project. Love it already
  11. Tte Martin

    Core P5

    Yes, you can install regular 120mm or 140mm case fans where the radiator is supposed to go. However, may I recommend to use that space for something else, e.g. to mount some storage drives? It'll probably need some testing out where you can fit what but in my opinion would be a great solution to make use of the space. Iif you have a 3D printer or know someone with access to one, you can print your own fan bracket for proper airflow through the case or a 5.25" drive cage with the 3D makers blueprints: http://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/
  12. Hello erec and welcome to the forum! While the stackability is a signature feature of the cubic Core X# series with single digits, (X1, 2, 5 and 9), the double digit Core X## series (X31, 71) features tower cases and is unfortunately not stackable. However, the Core X71 has an extra compartment at the bottom to hide your power supply and place up to two radiators by default.
  13. Looking forward to this one
  14. Hello Jirobo, if the card is working just fine without the riser cable, it is possible that the cable is defective. Please contact your local Thermaltake customer support.
  15. The PCIe Riser Cable will become available in the following weeks through Amazon.de. I'm fairly certain they deliver to France as well. If you can not wait that long, you can pick up any PCIe Riser Cable with the same specs as the Thermaltake Riser Cable.
  16. Awesome! That's exactly what I meant. If you want an optical drive, you will find a way. It's just that there are no mounting options dedicated to optical drives by default so I can't say the Core P5 supports them.
  17. The clamping pressure of the Frio Silent 14 always stays well inside the specifications from Intel. The problem I believe you refer to so far only applies to certain extremely heavy coolers of another brand that use a different mounting system and even then the CPU still gets recognised (but gets damaged irreparably if you are unlucky). The problem you are encountering must have another reason but it's hard to remote diagnose.
  18. The Versa H15 supports mITX and mATX motherboards, as listed in the specifications.
  19. Modders do what modders do. I'm sure we will see someone come up with an elegant solution very soon
  20. Hallo Fredy, die Erfahrung, die du gemacht hast, entspricht natürlich nicht dem von uns angepeilten Nutzererlebnis. Die Software der Black Maus hatte in der ersten Version vor vielen Jahren noch ein paar Bugs, die mit Updates ausgebessert wurden. Die Download-Sektion wurde übrigens vor kurzem neu gestaltet, um die Treiber besser auffindbar zu machen: http://ttesports.de/download.aspx Weiterhin lassen sich alle Treiber direkt auf der Produktseite herunterladen. Wir drücken die Daumen für eine schnelle Bearbeitung des RMA-Antrags und entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten, die durch das defekte Produkt entstanden sind.
  21. Hello Paul, the Core P5 does unfortunately not support any optical drives by default.
  22. Yes, one optical drive is supported by the chassis.
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