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  1. Glad you managed to find the solution yourself To mute the microphone you need to use the button at the inline controls. The microphone does not automatically disable when you fold it up.
  2. Thanks for the very detailed feedback on many of our products phantom. This is very valuable to us and will be taken into consideration for future product development or to improve our current headsets.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. All our mousepads have been designed with different aspects in mind and not every mousepad is the right for everyone. That is why we offer a diversity in our mousepad range. Keep us posted about your experience with the Pyrrhus. I am using the White-Ra version of the Pyrrhus for about 6 months now and really like the feel.
  4. The "Ventus" will be roughly in your price range and is coming to the world wide markets soon. It is also fairly light and not too small. Check it out: http://ttesports.com/Mouse/149/VENTUS/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.U-HTXPl_vw8
  5. Hello luchito, neither side should be louder than the other. Please refer to your vendor or our support to get a replacement.
  6. Hello Jen, which region do you live in? Our products are available at most retailers and online shops and in certain areas we also have our own online shops.
  7. Hello link871 and welcome to our forums. Can you maybe try the mouse on a different PC to eliminate the possibility of conflicts with your motherboard or USB ports?
  8. Hello tester1 and welcome to our forums! The correct driver for the Saphira mouse is this one: http://ttesports.com/files/Product_download/tt%20esports%20saphira%20ap%20v1.1.rar The Saphira also has a button to switch through the pre-installed DPI settings at the bottom of the mouse (the one labled "DPI", right next to the "Polling rate" button).
  9. Awesome! If it ever breaks again, you know where to get a replacement.
  10. Using the detachable microphone is only possible in wired mode.
  11. Hey Danny, additional to the detachable mic, the Sybaris also has an integrated microphone in the left ear cup that lets you use it e.g. for phone calls or communication with team mates on your console in Bluetooth mode.
  12. Hello HappyBuddhaman and welcome to our forum! Glad you like the sound quality and comfort! This is not a very common defect. You can get a replacement through our customer portal if you'd rather not stick with the applied workaround. I have also moved the topic to the headset forum in the Tt eSPORTS section.
  13. Hello Ahmrahtcheer and welcome to our forum! I sent you a private message to find out more information. Please reply back as soon as you find the time.
  14. In that case please contact our support to get a replacement.
  15. Hello bannanass and welcome to our forum! Firstly we recommend to test the microphone of the headset on another device. If the microphone does not work at all, you should contact the vendor or our support to get a replacement.
  16. Hey Mikee, can you test the keyboard on another PC or laptop by any chance to confirm the keyboard is faulty?
  17. Thanks, I found out that I am probably using a PSU that is waaay too big for my system ^^ Better be safe than sorry, I guess...
  18. Please create an account at our customer portal and contact the US tech support. They will be able to hook you up.
  19. Hello Graychild, welcome to our forums! Your regional Thermaltake support should be able to hook you up with a new cable. That is the beauty with the Challenger Pro - you can just detach it. Which region do you live in so I can direct you to the correct support division?
  20. Hello spiderbr, I am using a Challenger Pro at my work station and can not reproduce the issue. Shift + W + 1 works fine for me. Which OS are you using? Do you have the latest driver installed? Can you confirm the issue on a different PC too?
  21. Have been using a fully back-lit rubber dome keyboard for the past 8 years and got used to the lighting. I recently damaged the keyboard while cleaning it (connected it to the PC while there was still water in it ) and since then I have been testing the Cherry-MX black a bit. The Tt eSPORTS Certified blue switches from the Poseidon Z have a nice feel but I am personally not a fan of the clicky sound. Maybe I should try reds at some point.
  22. I don't know man I've been using claw grip for all my life, even before I knew it was called claw grip. It just felt natural to me. The Level 10 M has received a reworked design with the Level 10 M Hybrid, by the way. I've used Level 10 M Hybrid for a while in our office and preferred it over the regular Level 10 M, especially due to the finger bank on the right side.
  23. Thanks for the feedback. The development process for our gear never comes to a halt and revisions might happen at some point (or similar models with revised features are introduced). For example, we'll introduce the ambidextrous Ventus mouse soon that has some similar features, mabye you get a chance to try that out at some point and it suits your grip style a bit better. I would also love to hear what others think of the topic you described. I myself am using the claw grip so I do not really feel qualified to comment.
  24. Pyrrhus White-Ra Edition with autographs of White-Ra, Grubby, HasuObs, Socke, Stephano, Mvp, NesTea and seleCT
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