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    Awesome Top from GPU block
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    Design cooling the graphics card.

    Picked up piece of plexiglas

    Milling form




    And small video.

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    Back with another update!
    Fixed the motherboard tray to the case and mounted pumps and res.
    Just a perfect fit for the little pump and res combo. I cut a small hole for the fittings to come out of but forgot I need another one for the fill port. Hopefully I don't mess the other one up and the two fittings align properly

    You can also see I added some supports to the bottom panel. Very simple, just some threaded rods and the build is very solid along with the brackets I made. Once panels go on it will reinforce it even more.





    CPU cut out and also tapped for the motherboard stand-offs. The cables will come from underneath the motherboard to plug in. Will give it a nice clean look.

    Reservoir inlet fittings



    Just need to drill for the fill port now.
    Also if you guys are wondering why the small reservoirs hidden under there then stay tuned as something really exciting will go in the top section of the build next to the motherboard
    Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more!

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    My hand is still in a cast so I still can't do any serious modding (boooooo) so I'm afraid it's more product pictures for now! Oh, and a Tt dude story.
    Woooohoooo i gained a parcel today from the awesome people at Newegg! A massive thank you for letting us have a very handsome budget I got to choose some really nice hardware. As ASUS sponsor me I already had a Mobo, so I was able to splash out on a nice bit of Hardware.
    I took 2 1TB Samsung SSDs a 250gb SSD a 5820k and 2 ASUS 970 Strix!

    The SSDs! I usually use HyperX drives in all my builds, but they were a little more expensive and I was on a tight budget. Samsung drives perform very well, and 3 of them im sure will be fun


    This is my 4th 5820k! I think they have been one of my most favorite processor! nice bit of overclocking potential and works well. 

    I'm not sure on the batches of 5820k TBH. Anybody got the same batch?

    Again, 970s have been great for me this year and I have used more ASUS Strix than anything! When Tt said they had new blocks for these i was rather happy

    I'm not sure why, but I always like the side on view of the GPU boxes more than the frontal view!

    They are watching you!

    I like this pic <3

    They also sent me a T-shirt. I was wearing it whilst I was taking those pics (I know, I'm silly!) but no doubt it will show up during a few pics later on in the build
    Well, I know I said there would be a Tt Dude story but it looks like we have gotten away with.....
    I Spoke too soon. They are here.
    hmmmm, they seem to be in a very serious conversation, this is unusual for Jay and Em!

    Oh lord... is that... is that a girl bear?!

    Oh no. I think Em has got a crush. 

    Wow!! Em smartened up!! a Tie and some flowers for the lady!!!

    Oh dear =( that didnt go well.

    Em doesn't seem to phased though and it looks like Em is coming up with a plan with Jays help! This can only go wrong.

    Oh gawd. What is that???

    The little thieving monkeys! I was saving the watercooling products to show you all later, it seems they have taken one of my reservoirs though!!

    Jay just ran off saying "prepare to be amazed" after throwing a cloth over Em and the reservoir. I have a bad feeling about this.

    What the ####!??!?! get out of there!!!! All this to please a lady!? It's never going to work. You have wasted all our time!

    I stand  corrected. Well, get out of there and give me a hand showing off the reservoirs now considering you have already shown everyone.

    As you have seen, I will be using the Thermaltake T33 reservoirs! Not one, but two! These are 330ml reservoir with multi-port options, so I shouldn't have any problem using these!

    These come with a load of accessories, fittings, some tubing, nuts and bolts, a little spanner, alan key, cable ties and of course, mounting brackets!

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    New update !!!
    So it's ok for the bottom of the case, when ALL the plates for the Mod will be done, I need to choose good covering to put on each plates, but in think I'll keep this colours (yes, on those pictures, paint job, colors, stickers.. are only for testing) 
    Well, so, that's all for today !







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    raver89 reacted to MKsoft in [Russia] Maxim Kisin   
    And so, it's time to front.


    Holes nuts.       Set.


    And small video.

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