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    Designs By IFR reacted to Chris.3488 in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    Hi my name is Chris, I'm glad I found your YouTube channel. One quick question, when is the deadline? I am really looking forward to the completed project.
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    Designs By IFR reacted to DubPhobia in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    Looks so good!!
    I cannot wait to see the finish product!
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    Designs By IFR got a reaction from hotcoolman in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    Hello my good friends! today we start showing our build and our vision of building a Star Wars TIE Fighter Advanced. I will be using all major features of the core p5 case within this build however each feature may not function as it is intended for . Lets get into our first progress.


    Its funny but the idea of building a TIE Fighter didn't hit me until my wonderful fiancé wanted to go buy some plants. Hanging there right in front of us was this cool looking plant pot



    But what got me was when you remove the material you are left with a quarter of a ball, and it is steel (easy to weld off and a strong base frame for what we need). 




    So of course instead of her getting plant pots i ended up getting some instead. however I did offer here the material inside.



    I needed the inside of the ball to be hollow obviously so i can fit components inside so it was time for some dremel work to remove a few steel rods 



    then I had to clean up the cuts with a file



    and then lastly smoothen it all out with the grinding stone



    so we are left with 4 quarters looking like this



    I hope you are enjoying progress so far, more updates shortly.

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    Designs By IFR reacted to DubPhobia in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    All looks so good Corey! Looking forward to seeing it in it's complete form! May the force be with you!
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    Designs By IFR reacted to Tt Andy in [Closed] Pre Event Predictions [2016 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1]   
    Thanks guys for voting, we will release the winners soon!
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    Designs By IFR reacted to PCModder_Newbie in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    A Death Star Modded PC ?
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    Designs By IFR got a reaction from J4D3 in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    Hello everyone and welcome to my build log. Firstly I would love to start by introducing myself. My Name is Corey Gregory and I go by the modding name 'Imfaceroll Gaming'.


    I am 22 years old from Australia. By day I work in the engineering fields of Surveying. My main hobby's are obviously PC Modding as well as Sports and Gaming.


    I like to think of myself as being an average Joe trying to achieve his goals. My PC Modding life started 18 months ago with my first pc being a desk pc. Since then I have gone on to build a number of builds for displays at events like PAX. My PC building grew into a passion and having no access to 3D printers, Lathe and CNC machines has really helped me develop skills which have all been self taught with basic hand tools.


    'If you do not give it ago you will not achieve' I live by this philosophy, something may look difficult to do but I encourage people to have ago and strive to achieve.


    As you can see from the banner I am heading towards the SI-FI side of things and in particular Star Wars. I didn't want to revile too much to begin with so I feel a teaser banner is certainly fitting for this PC. Please feel free to have a guess =)


    It is a privilege to work along side these top modders and I thank Thermaltake and all Partners for making this event possible.


    I will be video logging Progress here: www.youtube.com/imfacerollpcgaming

    and posting photos on Facebook as well as this thread www.facebook.com/imfacerollgaming




    Asus ROG Maximus VIII Forumla Motherboard

    Intel Core i5 6600K

    Asus GeForce GTX 980 Strix x2

    Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256gb

    Avexir Red Tesla 16gb 2666mhz

    Thermaltake Toughpower DPS RGB 1250w

    Thermaltake Liquid Cooling





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    Designs By IFR got a reaction from JustinMern in WATER COOLED PC DESK MOD WITH BUILT IN CAR AUDIO SYSTEM   
    Hey guys, Below are links to all of my Pages. Most YouTube footage will not be up until the desk mod is complete so please stay tuned. Visit my Facebook page for more pictures at higher quality.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Imfacerollgaming
    Email: ImfacerollGaming@gmail.com
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ImfacerollPCGaming
    I would first like to start off by saying this build cost me a total of $22000 AUD and took around 6 months to build. I have chosen to include an inbuilt car audio system to do something different and save some space. This is my very first build and two weeks prior to building this i had no idea how to put a computer together or even what parts to buy, it took me a solid week of studying up on computers so that i was confident enough to attempt this build, so please enjoy.
    Please forgive me for image quality.
    I was researching the internet one night for a new computer because my laptop just wasn't up to scratch anymore and it couldn't even run battlefield. I knew nothing about computers however i was interested in trying to put together a build.
    Luckily my mate knew about computers and he helped me put together a neat build.
    Components include: Windows 8.1, 4770k i7 processor, Asrock extreme 4 motherboard, 850watt cool master PSU, 16gb Rip jaws RAM, Nvidia GTX 780 GPU, 2tb Western Digital HDD and a 120gb Samsung SSD.

    Putting this build together got me more interested in computers so i decided to look up other builds on the net and came across some awesome computer mods, one that caught my eye was a computer within a desk, I WANTED TO MAKE MY OWN.
    Starting in January 2014, i did two full days of research on computers, components, how to videos and reviews because i knew absolutly nothing about them.
    Two days passed and i decided to drawn up some plans for the desk.

    With the desk drawn up i made a list of components that i would need to purchase, the main computer specs included:
    Windows 8.1, i7 4770k processor, Asus maximus VI formula motherboard, two 1000watt corsair gold RM series PSU's, 32gb of corsair dominator platinum RAM, two nvidia GTX 780Ti GPU's in SLI, 4Tb western digital HDD + three 1Tb western digital HDD,
    two 250gb samsung SSD's + two 120gb samsung SSD's, Asus xonar essence stx soundcard and Asus xonar phoebus soundcard. I will also be watercooling everything, running tripple 27inch monitors and setting up a full car sound system within the desk.
    Since this build was going to be a long and expensive project i went all out on components to make a beast.
    Just a few photos of some parts used in the build:







    Moving on to the desk, the wood used to make the desk is 18mm thick and the legs were made thicker for extra support. Iv also included a back board for extra support and stability. The top of the desk is routed out to fit a sheet of 6mm thick hardened glass.
    A few pictures of the desk being built:





    I also made some fake elevated bottom platforms to hide wires and make wire management as clean as i can. I wrapped the platforms in a carbon fibre vinyl which turned out amazing.
    Elevated Platforms:





    Once i had all of my cutouts done to size i decided to test fit some components and also see how much space would be available for cable routing, lighting and running tubing to watercool all of the components.
    Test Fitting:






    Components fit well and i am happy with how the desk is shaping up.
    I decided it would be a good idea to test out the computer with its stock coolers before i install the waterblocks to make sure everything worked correctly. I also ran some performance comparisons with my 780Ti superclocked GPU's.
    The results i obtained are with no overclock, everything will be overclocked when the build is complete.
    One 780Ti GPU on ultra settings.

    Two 780Ti GPU's in SLI configuration.

    The desk is now ready to be painted. I decided to go with a nice gloss black on the outside and the raised platform in the desk. The inside walls of the desk are being wrapped in carbon fibre vinyl.
    Desk Painted:





    Now that i have built the desk and painted it, i started installing some components such as fans, speakers, amplifier and i also installed my water blocks onto the computer components.







    Since installing a lot of my components i have made some real progress with the desk. I have installed 2/3 of my tubing and now im just waiting for some extension cables to come in the mail before the desk can be finished.
    Progress pictures:



    Now that the desk is around 2/3 built i decided to add some LED light strips to illuminate all of the components. I wired all of the LED strips up to switches and i put some perspex under my amplifier,
    HDD's and SSD's to create a green illuminated boarder around them. There are LED strips under the perspex to illuminate it even further.



    This is an image for anyone who would like to know how to wire your LED lights to a switch/dimmer.


    After wiring up all of my LED lights to switches and dimmers i wanted to test the lights to make sure everything is working as planned.



    This is my build as of the 12/06/2014. I am currently waiting for some extension cables in the mail so i am able to put the motherboard side in the desk and work on some nice cable management.
    Hopefully i should receive the goods next week. Please stay tuned and ill upload more progress photos as i continue with the build.
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    Designs By IFR got a reaction from ThermalMike in Fire Pit Mod   
    So below is the first progress in this build, today I wanted to get the sections cut out for the acrylic windows, 
    get the back piece of MDF wood cut out which will act as a support for the whole build as well as provide a solid panel 
    for me to screw my motherboard tray and mount my power supply to.

    These 2 panels were cut out using a dremel. First I taped up all of the edges which help to create a nice clean cut and it 
    also reduces the risk of me slipping and accidentally scratching an area. Second I marked out with a pencil the area 
    that needed to be cut so I had a guide line to follow. When using the dremel I let it do the cutting instead of forcing it which 
    normally leads to slips. After the windows were cut I filed the edges down to remove any bumps and loose metal. 
    Last I grabbed the dremel and a polish wheel and ran that along the edges to make sure it had a nice smooth clean finish.

    In the back panel I wanted to add a MDF panel to strengthen the build and provide an area for me to mount the motherboard tray to. 
    I cut out the panel using a jigsaw and filed it down to size. The panels have screws in them so I had to cut some grooves in the 
    MDF so that the screws were not interfering with the installation of the Panel.

    Now that I had these cut outs complete I put the build back together to test fit some components to insure my ideas were going to work.


    For testing purposes I am just using my test power supply to see if I can mount the PSU in the correct space without ruining any other plans.

    All three windows are cut out and are ready for some plexi glass.

    Thank you for following the build everyone, please check out the video below for Progress 1 of the build in video and 
    some of the cutting processes and building process I went through.

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