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    Lachee got a reaction from HeyYahBLah in windows key don't work   
    yea, can only be used in normal mode with macros disabled. Don't worry though, they have no intention in fixing it from what I gathered.
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    Lachee reacted to oreonutz in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    So Lachee you were right. You posted to me after my last post and said that you could change colors of the keyboard while in non-gaming mode without issue, so I looked into it, and you were right. When doing it through the software (which was the only way I knew how to change the colors at first) it would automatically switch to gaming mode, but when doing it through the on-board keyboard shortcut, it changed the color without switching to gaming mode, so I get my red-lighting which was at least enough for me to be able to keep the keyboard.
    At the same time I bought the keyboard, I bought a bad #### gaming mouse from Logitech, the G700's which has extra button at the thumb that I can assign to macro keys. Of course it isnt quite the same as having them on my keyboard, but after I programmed it to my liking it did the trick for me, and I kept my TT Sports Keyboard. I actually REALLY like it, I just wish it was possible to use the Windows Key and Macro Keys, I really think they screwed themselves there. I think I noted earlier that I am an IT Administrator. Small to Midsize Businesses who don't want to pay to have an IT staff on 100 percent of the time will outsource the work to companies like mine. So I work with SEVERAL different companies in Las Vegas, and am Constantly asked by novices and enthusiasts alike what is the best hardware. Of course its not always about keyboards, usually its the best processor, or best monitor, best Manufacturer, that sort of thing, but believe it or not Keyboards are one that clients bring up pretty often. Keys are either to hard to press, not spaced to the users liking, or gives them CT.
    I would have loved to recommend the keyboard I use, but I can't knowing it has such a MAJOR flaw, and the makers are just ignoring it. I mean what if the person I recommend it to, recommends it to someone else and say that I said it was the best, but then they find out it has such a major flaw, then my judgement starts to come into question, and my reputation in this city is directly tied to my business and bottom line, so I just can't risk it. I only recommend things that I 100 percent believe in, and although I like using this product personally, I can't believe the way we the customers have been treated on this issue...
    They keep leading us on in this post, and then when we ask for an update, they say sorry, this is the way things are. Then they promise to look into it again, because enough people have raised the issue, and then a month later Lachee asks again for an update, and then again its Sorry but thats the way things are. Its B.S. I don't care if this is not a major selling Item for TT Sports, if you care about your customers, especially if enough of them ask about the same issue, you take care of them, and TT Sports is just not. So why would I EVER recommend them, or purchase one of their products for my self again??? And its a shame, because it really is a nice product. And I am a person who hates dealing with Logitech, but at least at the end of the day, they usually fix the issue... SMH...
    Anyways, I wanted to say thank you to you Lachee, for suggesting that there was a way to make the color switching and Windows Key work at the same time, it made me dig deeper and learn about the keyboard shortcut for changing colors, and thank you to Josh for doing your best to try and get our concerns to your design team who apparently could give 2 sh*ts about the at least 6 different people who have posted in this forum about the same issue. And this isn't the only forum that has mentioned this issue by the way, there is at least 2 others that I found just within this site alone. I guess we don't matter. 1 Love!
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    Lachee reacted in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    Hi, as this issue has been brought up by many users, it has been escalated to the team. They will surely look into this matter.
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    Lachee got a reaction from HeyYahBLah in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    I am able to freely change my keyboard colours when out of the gaming mode, so I am not sure what is going on there :| However, this really does need to be address. If I knew before hand that the macro keys would not work without disabling the windows keys, I would have not purchased it because its just a pain! 
    I mean, I understand why disable the win key in gaming mode (to prevent accidental press), but why even consider disabling the macro keys on normal mode? To prevent people making the most of the keyboard? It just seems so illogical :C
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    Lachee got a reaction from HeyYahBLah in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    Yes, this "disabling of the window key" on the gaming profiles is really annoying. 
    You are unable to set the macro keys without disabling the window key in the process, which is really annoying for me as I would use the macro keys more often while on my desktop than I would in a game. 
    I like the idea of having the individual profiles, so maybe you could just add a checkbox on the "Macro Setting" controls that disables the Win key? That way we would be able to assign profiles with macros and choose if we would like to have the win key disabled.
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    Lachee reacted to oreonutz in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    Hello! I just bought this Keyboard, and LOVE IT! With one MAJOR EXCEPTION! This exception is enough for me to RMA my keyboard and get another one instead.I REALLY thought this one was the best value, but I was unaware of this problem!
    I am having the same issue as everyone else in this post. I NEED to be able to use the Windows Key, and the Macro Keys at the same time. There is no way to set a profile for default NON-Gaming mode, and the NON-GAMING mode, is the ONLY mode that the Windows Key works in. I am an IT Administrator, that does about 50% of my work from home remotely. I got this keyboard mainly because my office is Dark because I get migraines, so I need a backlit keyboard, and Red lighting is good for my migraines. 
    Thats when I discovered that I can't change the color of the backlighting in Normal Non-Gaming Mode as well. So if I want the red Lighting, I can't have the Windows Key. And If I want the Windows Key, I can't have the red Backlighting or the MacroKeys. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I was glad to read your earlier posts that said that you would be coming out with a software patch to fix this. But you last post which I quoted, made it seem that you are no longer looking for a patch, and are saying that basically that is just the way things are going to be. So please be clear. I like your product, but don't lie or mislead us. Are you going to come out with a simple software patch that fixes this very simple problem, or is this just the way things are going to be?
    I have a few days before I am going to start the RMA process. I have already Eye'd Myself a slightly more expensive keyboard from Logitech that Will do Macrokeys, Red Backlighting, and have the Windows Key all at the same time. I would prefer to keep the keyboard I already have. So Please let me know in a timely fashion if this will be possible. I would appreciate a definite answer instead of just leading us on. Sorry if I seem like an A$$, I was just surprised that something so simple as a Windows Key couldn't be used with a custom Profile, and got a little upset when I saw you say that you guys were working on a fix, and then with your most recent post you give the impression that you are no longer looking to fix that option. Thank You for your help regardless. I hope to see this resolved.
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    Lachee reacted in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    Sorry for the current software mate, the product team is doing a testing and will provide users a newer software soon.
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    Lachee reacted to g5633060 in CHALLENGER Prime Version 3.0 lacks default profile support   
    Hello, I was surprised to see that CHALLENGER Prime software is so limited. First of all, I want Windows key to work on all profiles, but there's no option for that. Second of all, it wouldn't be a big deal if I could assign macro keys(T1-6) to a default non-gaming profile, but I can't. So basically, I need macro keys and windows key working all the time, and currently I haven't found an ability to make it like that. Any chance the software will be updated in the near future to fulfill my requests?
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