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  1. Hello, I have the Riing 12 LED RGB fans and my controller just went out. Are any of the new Thermaltake controllers compatible with these? https://www.thermaltake.com/riing-12-led-rgb-fan-3-fan-pack.html# I appreciate your time and help.
  2. Boodaddy


    My vote goes to "Jesse Palacio" I think CAT would be proud, and stunned with this build. Prefect balance of color, look, and feel of the CAT theme.
  3. My vote is for Peter Brands "Tt D3sk". It's a new creative approch to a wall mounted, liquid cooled computer desk. I love how he also takes advantage of the chrome stand-offs to mount the desk glass to. Very creative way to do it. Lot's of thought, and creativity in this build.
  4. Appreciate all the help. I am going to be going with the RL480 with the R33 reservoir. Looks like there is a three week delay on a new shipment, but it's worth the wait. The Tt sales team called me back after checking multiple sources to try to get me one earlier. The Tt sales team was incredible. Couldn't ask for better!
  5. Found the PETG tube on the ThermalTakeUSA store. Can the RL240 handle two GPU's and a CPU? or do I need to get the RL360 radiator and the R33 reservoir as well?
  6. Hello, I am going to be getting the Pacific RL240 kit from Newegg with the Core P5 case. My question is I have (two) Gigabyte R9 280x OC Rev.2 video cards I would also like to add into the feed. From what I read on the forum, I should also get something like the RL360 radiator and the R33 tube. Appreciate your time, and any help or advice you can offer.
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