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  1. Hi, can you try the following attempts? 1. please open windows device manager and check if the power supply has been recognized on usb port? 2. make sure the USB driver has been properly installed. 3. check if you downloaded the latest version 2.4.2 on product page (https://goo.gl/5g2bNT) 4. check if the wire on the USB cable is loose or not.
  2. Hi, if the DPS G PC App can operate normally (controlling the fan speed and lighting), we might not be able to fix the issue because of the compatibility problem on Corsair fans. about the warning alert issue, i have also replied on another thread you posted. i would like to ask you to confirm if the power supply connects to the motherboard without using USB hub? if not, can you please swap with another USB port?
  3. Hi, Can you please make sure if your power supply directly connects to motherboard without using a USB hub? if not, can you swap another USB port on your motherboard?
  4. After testing the AUSU AI Suite, i found the case fan control should not have the issue. Test environment: ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Windows 10 64bit ASUS AI Suite 3 V1.01.3 DPS G PC App V 2.4.1 here is the photo with customized fan profile (fan speed at 528 rpm) here is another photo with full speed on the case fan The RGB lighting on the power supply has to be controlled by the PC app. If the Corsair Link has the compatibility issue with DPS G software, i would like to suggest you to contact their customer service.
  5. hi, Did the software operate normally in your system, such as fan speed control and RGB lighting control? we have tested the software with some of the motherboards and it doesn't interfere with the case fans.
  6. Hi, this looks like a hardware issue. Can you please contact our USA support team to go through RMA process? USA Support email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com USA Technical Support: 800-988-1088 Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:30PM (P.S.T)
  7. right now, you might not be able to minimize the app while starting Windows. we will take you feedback to our software team. sorry for the inconveniences. The RGB lighting will be turned on while the PC App is launched.
  8. Hi, thank your for the great suggestion. we will be striving to work this out
  9. Denny


    Sorry for the missing information on Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W Gold. we will update the info on the product page as soon as possible. Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W Gold has OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, OTP, SCP.
  10. Hi, Do you mean the PC App only show a fix number on all of readings?
  11. Denny


    Hi, The Toughpower Grand RGB Gold Series do equip the EMI Filter.
  12. Hi, you cannot find the folder because it is hidden by default. here is the instruction of how to show all the hidden files and folders: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/show-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-vista/
  13. Thanks for your information. that's really helpful for us to make improvements.
  14. Hi, To solve the issue, please try deleting the folder named "tt" under the path C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\ The PC App should be working perfectly fine after that. and might I ask if you were using a NZXT internal USB hub to connect the power supply?
  15. we suspect that the PC App might have the compatibility issue with Corsair Link. is that possible for you to remove the Corsair Link and run the PC app again?
  16. Can you check if your power supply is properly connected to your motherboard via USB? if you do, you could swap another USB port on the motherboard?
  17. hi, can you provide the specification of your system? Do you have any other monitoring tools in the system?
  18. Können Sie die Installation von DPS G App als Administrator ausführen? Kann es durch die Erlaubnisausgabe verursacht werden.
  19. the power supply was working on the system before?
  20. Hi, Can you check if your system has installed C++ Redistributable package? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  21. Hi, Die DPS G PC App ist universell für unsere digitale Stromleitung. Einige der Funktionen sind möglicherweise ausgeblendet oder zeigen "nicht unterstützen das Gerät", während die Hardware nicht unterstützt die Funktionen, wie RGB-Beleuchtung. Das bedeutet, dass das RGB-Symbol weiterhin auf der App angezeigt wird, aber einige Einheiten das Feature möglicherweise nicht unterstützen. Für die Monitoring-Problem haben wir bereits aktualisiert das neueste SDK, die mehr VGA-Karten und Motherboards unterstützen könnte, aber einige von ihnen möglicherweise nicht vollständig unterstützen Monitoring-Funktion aufgrund der unterschiedlichen Design auf VGA-Karten und Motherboards. Der Haftungsausschluss ist auf unserer Produktseite angegeben. (Siehe Weblink unten) The DPS G PC App is universal for our digital power line. Some of the features might be hidden or show “not support the unit†while the hardware doesn’t support the features, such as RGB lighting. That means the RGB icon will still be shown on the App but some units might not support the feature. For the monitoring issue, we have already updated the latest SDK, which might support more VGA cards and motherboards, but some of them might not fully support monitoring feature due to the different design upon VGA cards and motherboards. The disclaimer is stated in our product page. (see the web link below) http://de.thermaltake.com/Netzteile/Toughpower_Series_/Toughpower_DPS_G/C_00002738/Toughpower_DPS_G_1200W_Platinum/design.htm
  22. which power supply are you using? the RGB lighting feature is activated only if your power supply is Toughpower DPS G RGB series.
  23. Did the PC app give you any error message? Can you also check if the power supply properly connects the motherboard with the USB cable?
  24. Thermaltake DPS G Riing RGB Mobile App, allowing users to customize the RGB lighting for their power supply fan, and even let the LED dance in sync with the beat. Main features like Sound Effects and Microphone within the app offer users more lighting choices. Especially, the app can detect the sound waves from either the music library or other external sources. The signals will be sent to the fan so that it can flash with the beat. Sound Effects The Sound Effects is an innovative soundwave function that allows the LED responses to music when users are playing a song on the music library. By simply pressing the button, selecting a song, and sharing it with the fan, and then the lighting will groove with the beat. Enjoying the melodies while admiring the light show! Microphone The Microphone function is used to make the lighting dance in sync with the beat that is sent from other external sources, such as when users are producing music, watching a film or playing an instrument, instead of being inputted from the music library. Color Palette The Color Palette enables users to customize the lighting and express their personality, style and attitude by setting any colors they want for their fan. Users can also adjust LED brightness to fit different occasions. Random Color By choosing an astonishing random flashing effect, users can create a vibrant mood for their build, and will never get bored of the light show. RGB Cycle Brighten up the build with a stunning spectrum running effect where the LED changes colors from one to another by color fading. Blink The static lighting will keep flashing on and off frequently when the Blink effect is applied to the fan. Download the mobile app: [App Store] https://goo.gl/YmnUC2 [Google play] https://goo.gl/Kc6BM5 Download the PC app: https://dps.thermaltake.com/en/product
  25. hi, if you downloaded and installed the Adobe Flash Player through the browser, such as Chrome and Firefox, it might be considered as a plugin in the browser, which not allow the DPS G PC App to access flash player. So i would like to ask you to install the Adobe Flash Player with IE. here is the link: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?fpchrome
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