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  1. Hi, Can you check if the usb cable connects the PSU with motherboard properly? if it still shows " No device detected", can you please swap another usb head on your motherboard?
  2. Hi, The DPS G PC App is specially designed for Thermaltake digital power supply series so it is only compatible with relevant PSU. You can run the PC App without internet connection, but the PSU data might not be able to upload to the cloud and you won't see any data on the website. Without registering on the website, the register reminder will pop out every time the PC App launches. For the Adobe Flash Player, i will pass the information to our team. thanks for the feedback
  3. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. we will update the information on the FAQ page. unfortunately, DPS G PC App does not support Windows XP and we are still working on the compatibility with Windows XP system. downloading the adobe flash player though IE browser is strongly recommended because installation on other browsers might be considered as a plugin, which might not be able to run on DPS G PC App.
  4. Hi, Have you checked the email in spam? if you did, could you message me your login account? we will take look at your account in the back end.
  5. Hi, i will suggest you to click the forget section on the webpage (see the photo below) and type the email address you use for SPM platform. the email with a password reset link will be sent.
  6. Could you please inbox me the information of PSU's series number or login account? so we can check the account activity in the back end. thank you
  7. hi Alex, i have downloaded the DPS PC app from the web site and tested the file. it has no issues to unzip the file with 7 Zip. would you like to try unzipping the file with another unzip software? just in case you still have issue with unzipping the file, here is the download link of unzipped file https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5aPcLLNGlmYmtpR1AtbWlfcUU/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hi, The cost reading on the DPS G PC app only shows the electricity cost during the every time your PC is turned on. Based on the value of kWh you have set, the electricity cost should be very small. Let's say if your pc consumes 1/kWh, you won't notice the cost until your pc has been running for at least 11 hour. if you would like to track how much electricity cost your pc has costed you or how much energy your pc has consumed, i would suggest you to check out the four energy reports on cloud management, including eco report, energy consumption report, e/w user behavior report, energy saving plan. https://dps.thermaltake.com
  9. Hi, did you connect your PSU with motherboard through usb? if you did, please try another usb connector on the motherboard. moreover, the latest version of PC app, V2.4.1, is available to download. http://www.thermaltake.com/DPSGApp2download.aspx?type=dpsgapp2〈=global
  10. Hi, The production of this power supply has been stopped. not quite sure if the customer service will be able to send you the replacement of the PCI-E cable for your PSU. please kindly provide the series number so we can confirm if the power supply is still under warranty.
  11. The toughpower DPS series PSU will only support V1.0.19, and on the other hand Toughpower DPS G series can support V 2.3.1 or above. the difference between these two series is the V 2.3.1 or above can support the cloud management and upload the data to the cloud in advanced use.
  12. Hi, We are, of course, still working on the connection issue with our software team beside reporting the usb issue with microsoft. The PC client only supports windows system and we would like to concentrate on optimizing the App for windows systems. I don't quite understand what you mean about the watchdog for the power supply. Can you explain more specifically on why the power supplies need a watchdog?
  13. The USB connection issue is caused by the compatibility of Windows 8.1 and windows 10. we have reported Microsoft to fix the issue and hopefully the windows update will come out soon. Before the latest windows update comes out, we would suggest you to re-plug the USB cable under windows 10. About the Flash Player, we are working on removing it from the PC App and going to release the latest version of PC App sooner or later.
  14. Hi Andy, i would recommend you to go through RMA process. you can contact the customer service with the email: cs2@thermaltake.com
  15. Hi Khuyen, we found that this is caused by the resolution issue on some of the Android phones. we are working on fixing the issue as soon as possible. and will inform you when the newest version is released.
  16. Hi Khuyen, might i ask what phone are you using? and can you provide a screen shot of login info?
  17. Hi Porg, unfortunately the warranty of the power supply is expired on July, 2015. The output voltage reading would be more accurate with professional equipment. I would like to recommend you not to test the output voltage by yourself because the damages might be caused by incorrect movement. However, the power supply can still power up your system so it is really hard to judge if the power supply operates abnormally and burnt your RAM and SSD.
  18. Hi Porg, i am sorry to hear that. Can you please provide the series number of your power supply? so we can help you check the warranty. It is hard to confirm if the power supply operates abnormally without doing further tests (loading tests). The output voltages shown on the OCCT might not be accurate because the information is coming from the BIOS, which means the values of the output voltages can be different through electricity meter.
  19. Hi, we are currently testing the latest version of the PC app. Hopefully, it can be released in September. please stay tuned. will kindly inform you when the latest version is released
  20. The power supply on the Core P5 should be our Toughpower DPS G Platinum series. here is the buy link for your reference: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16817153264
  21. Hi Alex, The old version of RGB Riing fans are not compatible with software control due to the different hardware design. you are very welcome to share the photo of your build with us
  22. Toughpower DPS G RGB Series is the world's first power supply pre-installed with the 256 color RGB Riing Fan. The DPS G PC App allows users to change the fan color with three different modes - LED Off, Single Color, and 256 Color Rotation. The power supply is also built with quality components to maximize the power efficiency. Moreover, Toughpower DPS G RGB Series power supply also supports the Smart Power Management platform, which will allow users to monitor and track power consumption through the DPS G PC app, DPS G Cloud Management, and DPS G Mobile app. Toughpower DPS G RGB line consists of three 80 PLUS GOLD certified PSUs with capacities ranging from 650W to 850W and five 80 PLUS Titanium certified PSUs with capacities ranging from 850W to 1500W Download the Toughpower DPS G RGB collection guide to learn more Welcome to share the photos of your RGB power supply with us
  23. If you have any questions on using the Smart Power Management platform, the user manual is available to download. Click here to download (New version) The user manual covers the introduction of the SPM features and how to install and use the SPM, including PC APP 3.0, Mobile App 1.0, and Cloud management 1.0.
  24. Can you try connect the PSU with another USB port?
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