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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have a Theron Plus Smart Mouse and I installed the TheronPlus Software and everytime I try to run the program now, I get the following error message: Warning Please plug-in Gaming Device to start the AP configuration! It was working the first time I installed the program. But then I had problems messing with the macros and had to re-install the program. Now this error message pops up whenever I attempt to run the Theron Plus software. I tried uninstalling the software, drivers, restarting, registry cleaning in all sorts of combinations, but none of whatever I tried have seemed to work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Any help in resolving this issue would be appreciated! Thanks.
  2. the DPI buttons on-top, the button on the right, and the 2 buttons on the left are not working. Brand new mouse, about 1 month old, I did install the drivers.
  3. Hey, I've never used side buttons in my gaming since when I try adjusting a games control settings it would not see the side buttons as mb4/mb5. Last week for some reason it started to work again, but the problem is it also by default works as a back command in browsers. So when I'm in TeamSpeak and want to talk to my friends it goes back to the page before in my browser, I don't want that. But in theron app there is no option to leave the button empty(As mb4) I also can't get macro's to working. I tried this macro: and tried setting it like this: or this: It doesn't work, the buttons does nothing if i don't set it to default.
  4. I've owned this mouse for over 3 years and suddenly it's stopped working yesterday. The lights will come on when I plug it in and also when I click the buttons but no clicks will register and the cursor will not move. I've tried uninstalling all theron files and the 2 tT eSPORTS THERON devices in device manager and restarting my laptop but to no avail. However, plugging the mouse into my friends computer it works fine. I really need some assistance, I have some important work I need to do at the moment and the mouse pad isn't cutting it. Any help as soon as possible is much appreciated.
  5. i can't run the driver, it says "please plug in gaming device to start the ap configuration" , i tried whit another usb port, tried reinstaling the driver, running as administrator, and in others pc's etc, but nothing works. but for some reason yesterday works. i have windows 10 in all the pc's by the way.. please help DDD:
  6. The app keeps saying "Please plug-in Gaming Device to start AP configuration!" but my mouse is already plugged-in. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hello All, Just got the Theron gaming mouse (laser) and had a couple of minor questions as the documentation seems a little sparse. First a question about the lighting...I installed the software and figured out how to assign colors to different zones, currently I have all mine set to dark blue to match the Poseidon Z I also just got. I noticed however that sometimes the dragon logo "breathes" and other times it is constant "on"...is there a way to switch between "breathing" and "on", if not what causes the mouse to switch between "breathing" and "on"? Next question: what exactly is "Battle Mode"? How do you switch between normal and Battle Mode? The documentation says that the lighting will react to clicking in Battle Mode, what exactly is it supposed to do? Last question, regarding the buttons on the bottom..I can tell that the profile button works because the lighting color changes but is there a way to tell what the polling rate button is doing? When I push it nothing happens. How can you tell what the current polling rate is? Thanks!!!
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