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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have connected my ring quads as pre the manual but when I start my pc there are lights the fans only spin. The Tt riing software also doesn't show the connector i get an error code h_0x0001. Btw is there any default for these fans? Means if I don't want connect the controller to the MB... Please thermaltake stop using the stupid molex power
  2. I have had my first 3-pack of Riing Quad fans for over a year and I love them. Decided to get a 2nd pack, connected 2 fans to the remaining 2 slots (Previously 3 connected, now 5 total) on my first controller, and then connected the daisy chain correctly and connected the 6th fan to the 2nd controller. All fans run and work, however any TT RGB PLUS software only detects controller 2 (which is only connected via daisy chain) with the 6th fan. Fans 1-5 are no where to be seen. As for the DIP Switch, I have followed the manual which says to set Controller #1 to 0 (1 2 3 4 all DOWN) and Controller #2 to 1 (1 UP, 2 3 4 DOWN) Whats the issue here?
  3. Why when i trying to drag recorded frames neon maker closes by itself, and in version 0.9 it closes not so often uin version 1.1.0 it closes more often, When will you fix that? And one more offer is it possible to add move function so you can like move leds from left to right from bottom to top and opposite, since we have feature of rotation of leds. But moving them will be better.
  4. One of my Riing Quad fans is displaying incorrect colors on the center ring. Wondering if there is any troubleshooting I can do, or did I just get a bad fan? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Today Thermaltake release Neon maker v1.0.3 On Werb site written changelog - 1.Increase the editing time to 60 seconds. 2.Fixed the crash caused by function and archives. 3.Bug fixed and system performance. This is mistake 1. It now supports TOUGHRAM 2. Riing TRio 20. 3. Bug fixes.
  6. I made heavy animation for my riing quad fans and for some reason some blocks at the end of the timeline just deleted himself when I change the timing for blocks. Thx Thermaltake for wasting my time in buggy software.
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