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Green LED Luna Fans

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I'm planning to buy a new Core v71 case, and want to mod this case. At the begining, I'd like change it's blue led fans, to green. I was very happy to found a new green led version of luna fans on the global site, because they will 100% work with v71's control panel. I also like luna's anti-vibration system, perfomance, quiet working and design. So I waiting for them. Is there any information about their release date? Will tt make 14 and 20 versions of green led luna (there is only 12 version on the site)? And when?




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Hi Gviper


Our Luna 12 Green will be available on newegg before end of next month, and we are actually planning 140mm and 200mm green Luna, ready around early Q2. 





Welcome to the forums!


Stay tuned! We will have more information soon!


Thank you! Wating for new information and fans itself:)

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