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Project "Black Tornado": Cooling over silence?

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Yet another problem. This time so was it the top GPU that didnt fit.


Turns out the RAM brakets had these plast bits on the side. Most of them where already gone, so I removed the last 2.


Finally so is it mounted right.


And this is how things looks so far.



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I have had to of cource import an new fan controller, so it will take a bit longer then planned to get this pc up and running.
Lamptron CF525 Fan Controller (http://www.lamptron.com/product/controllers/cf525/), is the one I getting this time and it should be more then powerfull enough for my setup.

Also, I managed to find the flash for my camera, so you guys can get a look at its full quality:

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Nice job! I used two XSPC RX480s on the top with AP15 GT fans and mounted the EK Coolstream 480 PE on the right side looking at the front with the radiator mounted on the floor (used one of the HDD brackets. Since I'm using the XSPC Twin D5 Bay/Res with 2 D5s in series that I had used in another build I mounted it on the left front side with the supply flowing into the EK rad.

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