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Project Spy vs Spy Double Stacked Core X9

Dirty South PC Mods

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Hey hey guys and girls. We have another awesome themed mod coming your way. This one is based off of one of my favorite comic strips growing up as a kid. 


Spy vs Spy




The Following was obtained from the History section of the Spy vs Spy Headquarters.
Simple yet meaningful is one way to describe the wordless black and white comic strip that makes up Spy vs. Spy. The cartoon created in 1960 by Antonio Prohías, depicts the antics of two distinctly different yet similar spies who try to get the best of each other with clever yet strange schemes of espionage and deception.
Published in Mad magazine since 1961, Prohías began working on Spy vs. Spy in Cuban, but fled to the United States in 1960 just days before Fidel Castro took over the last Cuban free press.  When Prohías came to the United States he knew almost no English, but Mad magazine readers and editors quick accepted him and loved his work.
Before he got the job at Mad, he worked in Queens at a clothing factory by day and drew by night in his cramped apartment.  His earlier works “Erizo,†“Oveja Negra,†“El Hombre Siniestro,†and “Tovarich†would not work in his new country where the idea of communism was not as prevalent or well taken by pleasure readers. In Cuba if you were not a supporter of Castro you were considered a spy, and this is where he got the idea.  Prohías considered himself a spy and thus the idea was born.
Prohías submitted his rough pencil concept and design sketches to MAD’s editors on normal 8.5 x 11 paper and would latter redraw the entire carton twice the size for reproduction  in the magazine.  He would go through the comic strip with pain staking detail and make sure all edges and lines were detailed in his dark bold pen and would almost never ink over his pencil drawings. 
Spy vs. Spy is now a national icon, symbolic of the Cold War representing good and evil and the struggle for equilibrium.  Prohías would stealthily sign each of his Spy vs. Spy cartoons under the title panel, in Morse code, which spelled out the words "by prohias."  This is one of the most overlooked details in his work. -••• -•-- •--• •-• --- •••• •• •- •••
Antonio Prohías passed away February 24, 1998.  His masterpiece concept of the two spies battling it out lives on in the continuing work done by his successor Peter Kuper.




This project is sponsored by the good folks at.









Also brought to you by






Case - Thermaltake Core X9 x 2

Motherboard - EVGA Z97 Classified (Gaming System), MSi Z87 Mpower (Server)

CPU - Intel i5 4670K (Gaming), Intel G3258 (Server)

Ram - 4 x 4Gb G.Skill Ripjaws (8Gb per system)

PSU - 1 x 550w DPS G Modular PSU, 1 x 750w DPS G Modular PSU

GPU - 2 x ASUS Strix GTX 970

SSD - 2 x 240 Gb Crucial M500 240Gb

HDD - 4 x 500 Gb in Raid 0

CPU Block - Pacific W1 x 2

GPU Block - Pacific Strix Water block x 2

Radiator - Pacific RL 480 x 4

Pump - Pacific P1 D5 Pump /w Silent Kit x 3

Reservoir - Pacific T33 x 4

Cables - 2 sets of Red Tt Sleeved Cables

LEDs - BSMods 5050 RGB LED 16.5ft Strip /w wireless remote.


The whole idea is to put two complete systems in here all cooled with one large liquid cooling system.



The first shipment of parts has arrived. 2 x Core X9 Cases, 2 x Commander FX 10 port fan hub, 1 x 550w DPS G Modular PSU and 1 x 750w DPS G Modular PSU.



To give you an idea of the size of the double stacked X9. On the left of this pic is the chassis from a Thermaltake A-71 Full Tower. Each Core X9 is 1 inch taller and twice as wide.



Here we have One intact X9 and one completely disassembled.







The Core X9 has this built in plate that can be removed from the bottom panel so you can install a massive radiator in push/pull. However this is not going to work for what I have planned. For what I want to do the entire floor has to be cut out.

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