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2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Voting Thread!  

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This year we ran our first Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational.

We invited 7 modders from 7 countries to showcase their skills in a casemod Invitational battle!!


So far the builds have all come out awesome and the modders are at the completion stages of the build, the time has come when we pick a winner for this years contest!



Help us crown this year’s CaseMOD Invitational's winner to be in a chance to win awesome prizes from: 





To enter the competition is simple. All you have to do is vote for your favorite mod by selecting your winner and you will be in the draw to WIN!

Reminder: You must be a member to vote on the poll seen at the top of this page, head over to the link below if you are having problems voting



Week 1 Prizes


Week 2 Prizes




For the modders build logs please refer to the links below

(AU) Stuart Tonks              http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_au.html 
(UK) Richi Bowzer              http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_uk.html 
(FR) Mathieu Delsuc          http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_fr.html 
(US)Nick Blackwell             http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_us.html 
(DE)Andy Weber                http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_de.html 
(JP) Fabio Moma                http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_jp.html 
(TH) Suchao Prowphong    http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_th.html

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All Modders did a really great MODS and some are pretty stunning!


He is humble, down to earth, genuine through his (face/mimic) photos from his build and did such a stunning CASEMOD!


so 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational's winner is  [TH] Suchao Prowphong 


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Mathieu Delsuc



The Mod Of Mathieu Delsuc, it's a ROCK , it's  the Power ! It's Thermaltake !!!
MAthieu ! Mathieu ! Tous avec Math Military Modding . :D










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