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Question about Urban S71


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Hello, I feel like an idiot asking this but how do I connect the fans to my motherboard and keep fan control?


Currently, I see Fans A1, A2, A3... all male... but I have no idea how to connect to motherboard (since all fan ports on motherboard are also male).  Am I supposed to purchase another fan cable (male to female perhaps?) to connect A3 to mother board if A1 and A2 are occupied by the fans that came with the case?

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Hi there ThaGeNeCySt,


Are you referring to the fan controller connections themselves?


Those are a separate controller at the top of the chassis front panel.


you should connect the fans directly to that male header and that would allow direct DC control over the fan speed  via the top Hi/Low buttons.


however if you prefer motherboard control then you can just connect the fans directly to the motherboard headers  to allow BIOS DC/PWM control.


Please feel free to reply if you have any other questions!

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Maybe I can sneak in a question regarding the molex connector on the pump - can I instead of using the molex, use the adaptor that allows the power to go into the motherboard pump header?


Good luck , o.p. and thanks for any answers!


Here is a picture of the adaptor I'd like to use to go Molex to motherboard.

Thanks again!!!!

0 molex adaptor to motherboard.jpg

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