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Ventus x is one of the most ergonomic and yet elegant for gaming mouse, never fails laser is 100% recommended , are up to any player and helps you play better , have a better size than all mouse because this lets gamers take you the way you want to have a special material that will not slip , no doubt Ventus X is one of the best mouse I've tested thanks TteSPORTS .





myR-OmaaR    :)     ;)     B)-

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Hello everyone. My name is Alexandru Cristache, I'm Country Manager of myRevenge e.V. Romania. This weekend our Hearthstone team participated to an lan event "Fireside Gathering Championship Qualifier" hosted by Nexus Club & Bar in Bucharest,Romania . Here you have some results from the event : 

Nexus Fireside Gathering #1 Bracket 1 - 5-8th(Hathel) 
Nexus Fireside Gathering #1 Bracket 3 - 1st place (thunder99) 
Nexus Fireside Gathering #1 Bracket 4 - 3rd place (Vandall) 
Nexus Fireside Gathering Championship Qualifier - 3rd place (thunder99)


Some photos from event : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.396055377246976.1073741836.344985059020675&type=3

News on myRevenge.net : http://myrevenge.net/news/3546/


We have a lot of lan events next perriod, I'll back with more infos.


And i want to say thank you to TT eSPORTS for your support. I'm a fan of your products.

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