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Ok, so this is my first build im doing a complete log for. i hope you all enjoy. this is a steam punk themed mod to the thermaltake v9 black edition case.




Ok so to start with ive stripped the case, and sprayed the chassis in a copper/brass base paint. note i will be removing the drive bays for extra water cooling rad in the front.








once i had the basic colour on the chassis i moved onto plastic parts that would not be covered in the wrap i had chosen. also an other parts that would be required off the case for basic ideas if needed. (Note alot off these parts are now no longer going to be used.
















please ignore the mouse.... it was a test pice to see how the beaten copper paint came out on curved and angled pieces




looks a bit plain yeah? ok so next was to age it up a bit.. steam punk is a heavily olden appearance aged copper and brasses and woods... so i used black paints and on some copper parts and cerulean wash to age it up a bit...








so now we have our plastics and extra parts painted now the wrap




heres the wrap i have chosen its a stained rosewood


















so with that all done i took one look at the original grilles as realised they wont do at all... they look too modern... so.... i made my own... so i made these ones out of metal flyscreen bent into shape over the originals these first ones arent neat as i was rushing, a new single peice one will be made in the near future.




now a test assembily here is why i decided to not go with any optical drives... it looks hideous.... 














now that you have all seen the progress thus far here is a list of the changes that will be made...


1. side window panel is going to be cut so it is only the outside edge to hide the chassis frame so will virtually be and open side.

2. as above the optical bays will be deleted for more watercooling gear to be installed.


3. front grille will be re done as 1 commplete piece.


id love to know what you all think. and yes as yet no mention of internals... i have a few ideas knocking around but remember this whole project is fully funded so subject to change based on cheaper and better parts become availble. i will post my ideal list later but most of it is wishful thinking especially with an impending wedding, and my partner and i have a daughter.. so funds are limited.




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Ok so more purchasing. Below are the components list so far both purchased and not...


Mobo - egc A960M-MV

CPU - AMD Athlon II 3ghz

GPU - ATI radeon 4870

PSU - tba hoping for fully modular but depends what funds allow

SSD/HDD - AIMING for 2x 120gb ssd's but failing that will get a 500gb hdd.

Ram - tba - using gold coloured heatsinks


Water cooling -


reservoir - Vintage Wine Bottle

Tubing - solid 1/4 copper pipe hard drawn

Fittings brass 1/4 compresion fittings

Pump - 12 volt sle water pump

Water block cpu - tba (perhaps a thermaltake w2? ;) )

Waterblock gpu - aquagrafix ati 4870 copper full block

Fans - thermaltake riing fans 120mm x4 (waiting on orange to be released but red will suffice)

Radiators - 360mm rad x1 / 120mm rad x1


So far thats the list will see if there are any changes but all depends on dollars and any interested sponsors

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ok so next update, again no images as i havent hadd too much time.


so a good portion of my purchases have arrived. i still have 1 more major one to do which is the mesh to remake the front piece as a 1 piece. i've canned the gpu block as it is too large for what i want, so the gou will be air cooled being an msi one the aluminium cooler will be painted black with the copper heat sinks left alone.


ive made the psu shroud and tray shroud out of foam board which will be wrapped in the wood grain vinyl i now have to sleeve the 24 pin atx the 4 pin atx and gpu power lines the psu i scored was a semi modular thermaltake 500watt so perfect for the build. and i also scored a 128gtb ocz ssd. stay tuned for the final pics which im hoping arent too far away. 

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