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Tt eSPORTS SYBARIS Bluetooth Problem


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Hi there,


I've recently got a pair of the Sybaris gaming headset and have a bit of a problem/question...


The headset works perfectly in wired mode.


However when I use bluetooth, the quality sounds like #### on my PC and it lags and also just goes silent every two seconds unless im constantly playing with the volume slider.


My other problem which really concerns me is that I cant turn the headset on or use bluetooth at all if the external mic is plugged in... Why is it possible to attach a microphone to a headset with absolutely no wires attached if it can't work in wireless mode? Surely there is something wrong on my end and I'd love to know because I really like this headset. Right now it seems that bluetooth only works on my phone.


If anyone has any info please let me know! I just want to use this headset on my PC in wireless mode and talk to people. 

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This needs to be advertised. The box and all the marketing for it make it seem otherwise. I wouldn't have bought these if I had known that.


I'm disappointed but I still really like this headset and will continue to use em :) Great for using with my phone/music! Thanks for the fast replies it was really helpful :)

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Hi! When you connect the headset to your desktop, you need to select the "Headphones Sybaris Stereo" as your default device. That will fix the problem with the sound being bad on wireless mode :D


also after not having any sound come through to your headphones, it goes into sleep mode. When it does, all you have to do is tap the button on the side of the right driver once and it will wake the headset up :D

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