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Where to get a new usb cable

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Hello, I have been using my Toughpower dps g 1050w since 2016 and I just realized there is an app for the PSU. Unfortunately my usb cable is long gone. Where can I get a new one? I included 2 pictures one showing the model and second one showing the back of PSU. Oh btw i currently live in Turkey. 



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Hello and sorry that i write in this old topic, but i have the same problem. Sounds stupid but #### happens. I have the same power supply like the opener of this topic here. Thermaltake Germany support doesnt answer and i find no store to buy the USB cable of this type . I want pay good for it. Please Thermaltake can you help me? My PSU fan runs now with full speed and its loud, because i cant change the fan mode and want enter the Silent mode. In the attached picture i have hide my serial number. I can send them privat.

Greetings from germany


PSU1050w no seriel.jpg

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1 hour ago, TT0987 said:

Sorry, we tried to find the cable for you, but due to this version a bit old, we didn't find anything.
We don't sell it either.
Sorry for your inconvenience.

Yes ok. But its no problem, because i found a solution. We have the connectors as single pins at work and so i could build me a new cable. Works perfect. The single pins fits in the four pin connector from the PSU. Now i have my zero fan mode back. But i have the bug like many other people that the fan jumps up and down at 40 degrees. 40 degrees and the fan starts and at 39 degrees it stops. Thats a little bit annoying. 


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