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TT RGB Plus detects Riing Quad as Trio

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So there is following issue.

i just set up a completely new system yesterday, i have 3 x Riing Quad 12 on my radiator and 2 x Riing Trio 14 in the top of the case (level 20 HT).

the issue here is, i connected everything right, so i have 2 controllers, one with the 5 fans and then 1 extra for the cpu block, daisychained it, put the usb 2.0 on the mainboard and both controllers to a molex.

when i go into the rgb plus i cant find riing quad and the quad fans change the color when i select riing trio and the color of the trio fans cant be changed at all.

the rgb plus also doesnt detect the second controller, also set up right, the controller 1 is default setting and on 2nd one i pushed the 1 up.

the question now is are quad and trio not compatible on the same controller or am i missing something out? i use the controllers that came with the fans not the one that came with the case.

because i clearly cant figure out what could be wrong at all.

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First of all, i would suggest you to plug the 2 x trio fans to the controller where you plugged the cpu wb, the other controller just for 3 x riing quad fans.

Also, the riing quad fans only connect with the controller comes with riing quad, and plug the controller with an individual molex (4pin),

the 2nd controller (cpu wb + riing trio) connects with another molex cable. 

Reason is riing quad got 54 LEDs on each fan, need high voltage. 

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