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RTX 30 series 12 pin


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Yeah, I'm looking to get one of these new GPUs and have a 1200W ThermalTake  power supply that I would like to keep with a single modular cable from the PSU to the GPU. To me the more connections (PSU > Cable > adapter cable > GPU) the more places for failure. 


Not naming other companies, but I've seen where others have committed to making a solution to support their modular PSUs.


And, sleeved options to match some of your other sleeved cable offerings would be ideal.

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On 9/14/2020 at 4:18 AM, TT0987 said:


We would like to find a solution to this issue if the market needed. But so far, most of the companies still offer 8pin PCI-E cable, also if you got the NVIDIA 

GPU, they offer the dongle for 2  8pin PCI-E to 12pin PCI-E. 

Hope this message would help.



We are already aware of the adapters that come with the GPUs with the 12-pin connection. But most of us would prefer a direct PSU -> GPU cable without using adapters. I now have a 3090 FE installed in my computer and would still rather not use an adapter. Other brands are offering solutions, often at no cost to those with premium power supplies from them. 

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Since it is clear TT is not going to release a product, I'm going to assume it is safe to inform you what should work. Look up the EVGA PerFE 12 power cable. From my research on the PSU-PCIe power cables from each of these companies they use the same pinout on the power supply for this cable and they should swap fine. I've got one, but I've hidden my case key too well and not been into it to replace this cable yet. 

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