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View 51 rgb issues

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I recently purchased a view 51 case with some extra thermal take fans ( 2x Pure duo 14 and 4x pure duo 12)

I have everything wired and running, fans all spinning however the RGB is not working and I feel I've tried every possible setup. I have all my RGB cables daisy chained and plugged into the bottom of the fan controller on the back of the case but they do not light up. If i unchain them and plug each one of them directly into one of the ARGB fan controllers that come with the fans (pictured below), connected directly to sata power each one lights up. 




I have received a replacement fan controller from thermal take for my case and swapped it out already. did not change anything. There is something stupid going on and i cant figure it out. I have the mainboard signal cable going from the case fan controller to the addressable RGB header on my mobo, i can use aura to control my stock case fans so i know the cable works.


can anyone give me any help? I've tried calling thermaltake, i've left them multiple voice mails, nothing. i've opened an RMA to get the fan controller replaced but since i got it and responded back to them radio silence. 


I am about to send the case and the extra fans all back and move on to something else. i really don't want to do that as i like the case, i just want it to work properly. help!?!?




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