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A solution to the problem: "Command Center Pro does not launch"


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TLDR: Disable Firewall and antivirus software. Then unplug and replug in your mouse. Then launch Command Center Pro or other respective software.

Hi all. I bought Iris RGB today and had the problem. I saw many people experienced it but there's no tangible response from TT.

In my case: Mouse was working. I could download the Command Center Pro v1.0012 or any other TT software and then I restarted my pc. Bluetooth & other devices in Settings shows my mouse as "Iris Optical RGB". However, Device Manager shows it as HID-compliant mouse and also as a HID-compliant keyboard somehow. Problem was that Command Center Pro was not launching or responding in any way. I tried common moves on Device manager to disable/enable, manually update etc. Well, I could not manually update btw, because I could not find any specific file to use as driver. So as a last resort, I disabled Firewall and antivirus software; then unpluged and repluged the mouse; then launched Command Center Pro. This time it worked. 

I'm not expert, but as far as I understand, Windows considers the TT's drivers as suspicious, so it installs a generic mouse driver HID-compliant mouse. And it does the same thing everytime whatever you do (uninstall or update the driver etc.) Thus Command Center cannot see the exact mouse but just a random mouse, so it does not launch. I hope it helps some people, it took hours for me to figure it out.

PS: Device Manager still shows it as "HID-compliant mouse" but Command Center is working and I can change all the settings of the mouse.



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This solution may be helpful for others facing the same problem, as it worked for the author after hours of troubleshooting. The specific issue seems to involve Windows recognizing the mouse as a generic device instead of the manufacturer's model, causing compatibility issues with the software.

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