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Thermaltake Core P7, finally found one...


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.....  It  was  thanks to Ken @ Aaro Computer Services (Portland, Oregon).


He had one, as he owns a business and he sold it to me for a very fair price, and was a true gentleman who kept in contact until it arrived, in the condition he said - un opened!

The case looks beautiful, just ordered a 2nd radiator, now need a waterblock for a 1660 super - any ideas?

Thanks again, Ken! If anyone does business with him, they are in good hands!518901383_CoreP7boxed.thumb.png.6f6e0339e5d38bc6544798929b22d496.png981579617_CoreP7.thumb.png.23a1b98569f605126b79858d5a4309f7.png

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Just a quick picture of the 3rd set of T.T. Quad fans - the middle 4 to the left of the pump.

I seriously cannot believe I spent $550 - this covid definitely got to me, if not in the strictest sense.

I hope you are all holding up well against the horrible pandemic, as well as the high prices brought on by it.

T.T. TublAR 4X 1000MM TUBING WENT UP $7 PER PACK TO $32 (oops, caps lock! doh!) - it is insane and very aggravating how much everything shot up in price.

I'm just glad I bought 95% of my build before the new year. 

I had problems this time with the T.T. RGB fittings, had to go back to the non RGB C-Pro fitting - they are fantastic, easy to use. I think Thermaltake

should incorporate the C-Pro design with the RGB lumen circle in the T.T. RGB fittings. I could most likely design it myself if someone could produce it. ;)


This pic is dark so you can just see the lighting - all of it is Thermaltake (I really dig my PSU - iRGB 1000W. I didn't think I'd like the fan in it because I like the Quads best, but the Duofan inside (140mm) is really nice, Someday someone (!) has to design a PSU with a Clear top - or even the whole box clear so we see the insides, that would be awesome.

So, here we have 12 T.T. Quad 120mm, a T.T. MX 100 water block, a iRGB 1000w PSU and a PR 32 - D5 pump, which I also think is a great pump for RGB. It would have also included T.T. fittings, but as I said, they gave me a hard time so for now they are back in the box until more tubing arrives. Still need measuring practice!!!!302831664_0P7noRGBfittings.thumb.png.6e234c5453fe50d48f7db187f31fe3e8.png

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