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Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 Stopped Cooling


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The Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 CPU cooler worked before I assume because it was running for quite a while (many months). However, all of the sudden the computer shut down because of CPU overheating, I suspect. If I restart the computer, I can observe in BIOS that the CPU temperature is steadily climbing to 80 degree Celsius and beyond. I dedusted the cooling fans and cooling grid, but this had no effect as it is still overheating within minutes in Idle state. The 3 fans are spinning. If I touch the cooler head on top of the CPU it feels warm. One of the hoses also feels warm/hot, while the other hose stays cold. One side of the hose attachment metal to the grid (dunno what is called, maybe "grid head"?) also gets hot, but the other side and entire grid stays cold. How to troubleshoot the issue? Did the pump stopped working or is there some kind of cloaking in the system?

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Hi Dieva and jaxO_,


So if you touch the waterblock/ pump, it is normal to have minor vibration as the pump is working.

If you don't feel anything or if it's making loud noise, that means the pump is broken, please request an RMA. 

One of the tube connect to the waterblock takes away the heat generated from the CPU, so it's normal to feel warm when you touch it, but it is abnormal to feel hot. -->RMA if needed.

The other tube should feel cool as it transports cool water from the radiator. 

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