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[Hungary] Balazs Szabo

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All :)

The RAM-s are here. Thank you :)

First of all, thank you for the invite and good luck for everyone!

The work has started... but later on that.
Here are a few pictures from the TT TOUGHRAM XG modules, as the "Before" part :)























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I will update the Worklog regularly.
Feel free to ask. I will try my best to check and answer them.

As usual, I had too many ideas, and had to narrow my list down. 
As the war continues directly in our neighbour country, I dropped all the gun concepts.

I have chosen the Concept, but I have to make a prototype for the concept, it looks as i Imagined it.

...but Safety first! So I made a few protective covers for the RAM pins.





Not a big change, but it was necessary for the prototyping. 
If it stays on the end, I have not decided yet.






Some clean up is needed on them (already done), but they are temporary.




Check back for more details!

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   Firs of all, I revel a few of my ideas and concepts to this competition, what I wont make this time. 
I could make any or all of them. Some of these ideas can be made in a few different styles or combined. 
A few of the concepts / ideas could be connected to my previous works. 

So the ideas what I WONT make (this time):

  1. In a living Aquarium to display the RAMs with living fishes.
  2. In a terrarium with my Leopard Geckos.
  3. The Rams together as a Sci Fi Shield. (many options)
  4. Sci Fi weapons (own designs or themed)
    - Gun / Rifle, and / or a magazine to it (many options)
    - "Ram-Bow":  Horizon Zero Dawn style bow
    - Sci Fi sword, Battle axe, Double axe, polearm type
    - Robot / War Mach  arm + weapon
  5. Giant key:
    - Old ( alien / ancient artifact, Steampunk),
    - New (Sci Fi tech),
    - Magical ("Lock and Key", "Harry Potter", the four elements )
  6. Film / world themes:
    - Mad Max (car front, gore, rust and blood)
    - H.R. Gigger, Aliens (Hive part, or a Hybrid from the books)
    - Predator (weapon / tech)
    - Independence Day ( weapon or spaceship part)
    - Mars Attacks! ( Retro-Sci Fi )
    - The Fifth Element (the element stones, the carry case)

This post is just for fun, not the whole list and for some interaction from the readers. so Feel free to ask  ;) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, lets do this.

I am still ill and have symptoms left, but I planned to do a lot details and things, so... I don't have time to rest. 

My idea for the display is a "Techno-Mage Stuff"
The current plane is to follow the TT TOUGHRAM design and color theme. 
To whole thing... will be big :D

After the drawing and planning, the first layout IRL.
But there will be changes, as needed. 




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(sorry for bad pictures)

It is very difficult to show a translucent thing in pictures. 
It’s even harder to present if you cut it and shape it. But I still try it.

This Ad hoc setup ment to guide the cutting in a in a straight line. My hand / tool was fix and I moved the hardline tubes.


Slow movement and patience was the key.
There was only minimal difference from the straight line.



Here are the steps again, shown on a different spot. 






After cutting, just a little repair was required with the help of a large file. 




After cleanup and burr removal I made two extra cuts on on the sides. Two tight cuts. The friction and tension holds the RAMs in place.


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At he first assembly, the structure itself was not stable enough, so I had to modify the plans a bit.
I put a metal tube in the middle as a structural brace.

The planed layout with additional details. 


Measuring, marking, drilling, thread cutting, repeat...




For free hand drilling it came out surprisingly straight and square.







Just a RAMdom picture...





First assembly with modified stiffening. 



Looks fine on the desk... 


... and now it can withstand its own weight.
There is a lot to sustain, because with the extra metal bar (plus the all the middle pieces), the whole thing has become heavier than I planned.
It is true that it is more stable and it holds its shape.

It is already heavy... As the pictures the images are moved and blurred from the movement.
But at least there is progress.





Check back later for more more updates. ;) 


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I needed an extra metal looking, but flexible thing.... so I had to cheat a bit. 














...and now the "cheating" part: Alu-tape.



This will hold the TT Logo / letters on a later time.  
I solved the other half of it, here the letters go. It is ready, but I forgot to take additional photos from the steps as I enjoyed the creative process so much...  Sorry.

But it is ready ;) 




Check back later for more more updates. ;) 


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This was a dusty part.

1:  a successful test piece. Not perfect, but I found ways what work and what not. 
2, Acrylic glue
3,  2*10mm Acrylic cut to size -> rough shaping with Dremel Trio ->  lot sanding te reach  the Nr 4 stage.
4, Looks as it needs to look, with the diameter near to 16mm  (spoiled: I succeeded)




And I need Two... 



With appropriate special tools (like a lathe) it could be done in an hour... but I don't have such serious tools, so all together it took me way more time thill this stage...



Check back later for more more updates. ;) 


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This is a terrible name for this "Techno-Mage Stuff". It was only a temporary project name. 
Does anyone have an idea or suggestion for a better name for this project?

Please, leave a comment with your idea here. 
You can be the name giver for this project. ;)


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I couldn't find a solution to make the RAM’s own LEDs work, so I had to solve this problem, so the end result looks like I imagined.
I got around the problem to light up my "Techno-Mage Stuff".  (later on this, as this will be changed :P )


For the base effect I used Thermaltake Pacific RGB Hard tube fittings. 






Tried to hide all the wires and put them inside where it was possible. 









The RGB strips are wider than the inside diameter of the fittings. So, I had to solder them on the spot, with only a few mm space was there for movement, as there is no space to hide any extra cables. 





All work from the same controller and... it is nearly what I wanted. 







Whit what color should I take the final photos?

Leave a comment with your choice and check back later for more more updates.   ;) 

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Last challenge: How to take photos from a huge PC-Shaman staff?  it was TOUGH! 😅

I received a few Name ideas, but I haven't had the time to make a Vote, so I went with the funny one:  PC-Shaman staff


------===== Final Pictures =====------
...and additional infos...


To easier store and transport ti is made a two part structure.

The left one is an upcycled part (the rod, the USB cables, foam). 
The right one is a full build (work photos above). 

Closed ( and separate) size:
Left part: 56cm / 22"
Right part: 61cm / 24" , but the top two rods can be removed, so the whole structure could be packed and/or stored.

Whole length: 147,5 cm ( 58" ) 



The USB cables are only for decoration


The rod part opened up. 

















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