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PR22 D5 pumps start to malfunction

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I have a build where I installed meanwhile a second PR22 D5 pump (I'm still waiting a reply from Thermaltake after reporting the dead device for replacement).

The first one simply stopped working.
The second one now start to malfunction too.

The behavior is (I'm using the Thermaltake Pacific TF2 flow controller to have these results):

1/ at boot there is a flow of +200 liter/hour

2/ then after a few seconds it drops to zero

3/ then there is flow again with 37liter/hour and then it goes up to stay stable around 107liter/hour.

Any idea if it is the build or the pumps are having a manufacturing problem?

Attached a picture of the build.


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Dear Kristof Bernaert, 

Sorry for the late reply. 

After checking internally, it seems like there might be an issue of our Pacific TF2 flow controller. 

Could you return Pacific PR22-D5 Pump that had been stopped working and the Pacific TF2 installed in your PC back to us by RMA process? We will arrange troubleshooting for these products. You may contact our customers support for RMA via the following link: https://support.thermaltake.com/RMA_Agreement.aspx

Thank you for your time and patience. 

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Hello @TT Hank

Can you send me a spare Pacific TF2 Controller?

This is my main daily device that I hardly can switch off. So removing the Controller and just waiting you and leaving my build down is impossible.
I'm open to help to debug by buying already a 2nd pump :)

Can we process like this to be able to replace the Flow controller and then starting the RMA?



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