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[Thailand] Krittanon Kidprasert

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It's story of "David Martinez" a boy from Night City in the Cyberpunk. He was a member of the Ederunners Crew.
 who became a legend of Night City in 2076 at only 18 years old.


In Night City, people will remember you not how you live but how do you die.

On the path of a promise to take the girl he loves to the moon. There are many painful stories. He gradually transforming his body into a mechanical. He sacrificed everything for her, but all she wanted was him. 


I already know how the story will end. But it didn't hurt any less. There was a lot of emotion in the ending. As I felt the warmth of love, I was stabbed in the heart with a knife at the same time. So I thought of passing on his dream in my work. to make me feel better from the end of the story.

Concept and design 


Project name : The Moon
I'll take my brain off and dive into the imagination. I'll throw "The Tower 500" into the Cyberpunk world. If real life comes from Thermaltake. In concept it should be from Arasaka. Both companies feel the same. In terms of technology and performance. And Arasaka also has an Asian CEO.




I added the stabilizer to the back. To make the overall look like a Air Space Center. It represents a promise. 




White  - comes from a space rocket. And I still think of the white pigeon. Freedom from Night City was something his lover had always wanted.
Red     - comes from the lip color of a smile and eye shadow under the eyes of Lucy. In fact, it conveys love. I've been exaggerating. 🤣




I would like it to have movement. I want the hardware area to slowly spin all the time. like a product launch pad for luxury And every piece of hardware will take turns to show coolness. The poles on both sides are light boxes. to make the central part stand out

This part is the hardest. I'm going to move the original panel to the front base. It must be connected and working fine with the rotating top

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I took the part cut out and put it to test to check that the size, spacing and holes match the parts that I made new.








Because I cut off the 4 corners which are the load-bearing points and moved the point to the middle. So I must put the new part where the hardware is placed to check the balance of the new weight distribution. and test the operation of the bearings. Lucky !! It'a work fine. 😙




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The next step is to create all the parts. The overview that I designed can be easily separated into 4 groups.




Each group has many different parts. The main components are steel sheet, 3dprint and acrylic. It took me about a month to design and write them up.








This part, I designed it as a light box to send the center stand out.



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Once the design was complete, it took me another month to print it.






 After that I used putty and sandpaper to polish them to a nice smooth surface. This process is very long. But I would like to take just one photo. because during job ,my hands are so messed up that I don't want to touch the camera or mobile phone.




After the scrub is finished I took them and sprayed the primer. and sanded with fine sandpaper Now it's ready to spray the real paint.








The acrylic patch is the same. Then cut it and bring it to prepare to spray the primer to paint together.






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I was very reluctant to do shading or not at this job. Because usually I always use airbrush for shading in Sci-fi work. But this job is different. I imagined it as a new prototype. that just came out of the factory. So I choose to make the overall of the work come out as a brand new and luxurious work. 

when i choose. So I brought the workpiece to spray lacquer. I used 3 types of lacquer to create additional texture differences in the work. 




high glossy






Semi gloss




and  matte color




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After that, I started assembling the hardware part. by starting to bring the rivet nut to install in the structure






When the installation point is ready. So I put each piece of hardware together and then brought up and placed at the main structure.











On this side, I made a Distro plate to connect the waterway with the other side.










The hardware installation point of this side, everything came out as I wanted.






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the other side opposite to the motherboard I installed a VGA, It will connect to the motherboard via riser cable PCI-E 4.0.

And this way I think the RGB light bar and ROG logo should make this side stand out.








And next to each other, the empty space will be the location of custom tank.








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before moving to other parts I think it's better to do this side a little bit more. 

This is the extension Monitor of the case that I received.

I took it apart and sprayed it along with the Monitor's frame of the water block






After that it was installed back and change the direction of the USB connector on the CPU block. It came out nice and good as I wanted.




The screen that comes from the extension, I installed it at this part. I designed it to function like a belt.




I do this to tidy up the riser cable. And it also covers the connection points on the bottom of the motherboard. all for clean when looking









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I moved to work in the base part. As I designed, I will slowly rotate parts of the hardware like a display standby. So I brought the motor to install.  






then bring the legs and the original wall to be installed




I tried to bring the created path to install. For check various screws that can be compatible.






you cant't be able to see the bolt holes when the path was installed. because I designed some parts to overlapping.

The pieces that cover the bolt holes are mounted with strong magnets. It will be easy to lift and remove the wall when it needs maintenance.






I put the main leg to check the joints of the part. that it will turn out to be correct.






When everything was fine, When everything was fine, I put the box lights to check. it came out good 🤩






I want to work more. But I have to go to work in other provinces for 4 days. 😩 

If I come back, I must hurry to finish this work in time. I hope everything is fine.





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After the base is finished.  I moved on to work in the power and control unit. 

I made two small control boards. One is for control USB HUB and the other one is for motor control and the power supply order. 

Here I will show the control board first.










I made a separate swiss to control the speed of rotation of the motor which I had already tested gears ratio.




Power from AC will come to this board first. Through the power button from the original front panel.

and then separate  to order the 2 PSUs at the bottom and top to work at the same time. 

I delayed start at each point of LED / Fans a / Motor a bit to get that sci-fi feel. 



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After that, start assembling the gears. In the base part of the hardware installation area.






I connected the signal cable from the original Front Panel through the Slip ring.

Everything from the bottom was still connected and works fine even though the upper part is spinning




After that, I came to complete the part and Box Light in the pillar part. and install test lights to check the accuracy.







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